Handling Jealousy

 Question: If a guy comment I love you in your girlfriend's photo how do I reply?

Who are you in a relationship with? With your girlfriend or the person who's commented or shown admiration to your girl? Does she know how much you love her? No, really. Does she? A relationship is between two people, not between you and the world and her. If you let the world come to her, showing their adulations and someone comments along the lines of "I love you", know this - as long as your north star, the love of your life knows she's loved and valued and admired by no one else like you, then that comment of a 3rd person won't be acknowledged. 

So, go ahead and tell her how beautiful she looks in the photograph, how much you look forward to see her again, take her to that favourite place in the city where she's been talking about, or even drop a <3. Trust me, your girl needs your attention, everyone else showering their attention is just noise to her.

So, where are you taking her? 


This is going to be an experimental series of posts where I'll take questions on love and relationships that I find across the Internet and hopefully, answer them in a way that they need to hear. Since, pratically no one reads my blog, this, hopefully, would go unnoticed expect for that one lad who's looking forward to an answer from a complete stranger on the Internet.


I've never been jealous. I have always loved with an open heart and I know that there are people in the world who want what and who I have. 

No amount of attention the other person receives from absolute strangers on the Internet would mean anything as long as I know my girl knows that I love her to the absolute letter.


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