The Art of Forgetting

Like the rain that skips the part of the world where you step on, your life seems parched. All you had asked for someone to caress your heart enough to stop it from tearing through the skin. It cannot contain the anxiety of the night that has befallen and goes into the what ifs and the things that could have been. To make it forget the pain, you bring in a dozen souls at a time, to swamp you off your feet, and take you in their own shrewed sense of journey called happiness.

All they have had for company till now are lies and deceit. They are happy, in their own busy world and you are sure you will never cross paths with them. You hope not, for you are fearful of how quickly their castle in the wind will come down crashing the moment you see them and the darkness under their eyes, hidden away failiningly from all the concealers and foundations, would come out.

The thing about you finding someone is that beyond reasonable doubt, you will never get everything. There will always be something you will have to adjust to and with. It's never really perfect, nor is the idea of love, and it's perfect that way.

Qutb Minar, Delhi 2018
Too many relationships around are busy satiating the whims and fancies of folks they shouldn't even be considering in the first place - everything to be "instagrammable" or it's nothing at all. There was a time when social media was about sharing things that inspired people - the early days. Now, it's just advertising, in a very very personal level. If something is not instagrammable, then it's not worth investing your time and effort in. After all, if it's not going to be put on your social media, then you will forget about it later on - and you don't want to forget anything, since forgetting is bad.

This brings me to the topic of today - have you given the act of forgetting, a shot?

I see too many people scrolling endlessly through their own feed to see the comments on the photos they put up years ago, from people who aren't even there. I am guilty of the same. Things were different then, right? Simpler times, as we like to often call it as. Well, while many people are talking about living a simple life, not focusing on displaying every aspect of their life on social media, my take is simple - would you even want to remember the exact time and place you hung out with certain people (or someone) or would you want to essentially remember the feeling of being there?

Faces will change, and the ones that don't, their masks will. Don't go back into a loop of seeing the things as they were. Instead, focus on improving things today, even if that entails working on yourself, your issues, alone. 
Social media can wait. 
Your life, as on today, cannot.


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