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My Hero Academia: 

Granted. My Hero Academia, a Japanese Manga anime series now on Netflix, might be the 2nd anime I've ever watched. However, the 2 seasons that are on air have profoundly impacted me as a viewer who's always been about comic book heroes from his childhood. Now, back in the day, heroes had a straight narrative. They'd be coming from a humble background or there would be a defining moment in their lives which would unleash their powers or grant them these said powers.

The story that follows the exploits of Midoria Izuku - a boy who happens to be there by the side of the people he loves and looks up to, who may or may not like him for who he is, but cannot ignore him, is basically the story of every single kid out there who has a certain set of people that he/she looks upto, but isn't quite liked. In a way, the journey of these two seasons and consequently the unwavering spirit of this boy despite the surmounting odds, despite him being an average human being, finds a way, is what is truly inspiring.

The two seasons have undoubtedly been able to craft two very different and yet seamless narrative. The first season was Midoriya discovering the power All for One, the second has him become responsible towards it. Yet, the underlying philosophy of Izuku learning something from everyone, even from his greatest opponents to constantly grow, his fluid thoughts and quick adaptive nature of his is something that is quite lacking in the comic book characters of today.

Is he a superhero? No. He is just an average guy at heart who doesn't know his purpose yet, except that he wants to be like All Might, the greatest superhero of all time who is battling his own demons and doesn't have much time.  The second season is really the time when the villains shine through - with their own twisted logic of what's right and what's not. 

What I absolutely loved was how, in the final act, All Might notices how young Midoriya, while landing his Texas Smash, has a smile that breaks on his face. He is there, almost. As the next season makes landfall soon and the series making a global wave, I can unequivocally say that I cannot wait to follow little Izuku's exploits through the streets of Japan. 


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