Raising a Toast to Life

We are all here – our aspirations, our words, our people, even those who don’t quite like us. There are those who are ready to write us down, but then, they are all here and we can’t see them off. Throughout your day, they are there, with their words and their anger reeking through your veins as you smile and reply to another email at work, attending another meeting which could have been done over a call instead. You are suffering through your day and there is just no way out of it. You wish to get away from it all but even you know this very poison drives you forward. Well, you might as well celebrate it.

Here’s to the books unread, the trips not taken. Here’s to the pages that were never filled because you never seemed to find time for it. Here’s to friends who plan to meet but never do, because it’s not like your childhood when you met and then planned, not the mockery that’s prevalent now. Here’s to the last bottle of your favourite whiskey and the certain someone whom you wish you shared that drink with. Here’s to the memories that remained in you as regret. 

Here’s to everyone who praised you and burned you at their own free will. They couldn’t destroy you and will never be able to. Here’s to the friends in your life who make your enemies seem worthwhile. 

Here’s to unconditional love of your mother and the promise you made to yourself to take care of your old man when he needs you. Here’s to everything you ever aspired for, some that simply fell out of the way. It’s not your fault, really because, at the end of it all, you thought your loved ones would be right. They’d be right to tell you to do things that please them.

Here’s to the morning that never came and the sadness that never really got away. Here’s to the fighter in you battling the other half and not taking that sleeping pill and choose to fight with your nightmares instead. Here’s to the unflinching, unconditional determination that keeps you going and the disappointments that asks you to not try the next time. You know you have an option to not try, but you know what’s the better idea? And it’s almost always is you getting up and taking that next shot at life, not the other way.

Above everything – the thing that’s gonna happen, the thing that might, the thing that could have happened but didn’t, here’s to you. Here’s to everything you always aspired to believe and chose to fight for. You may lost a lot of fights but you know the battle might be over, but the war isn’t.

As you go out there to seize your day, make sure to tell your people how much they mean to you. The day would be yours and many more that follow. Cheers!


  1. raising toast is a kind of pre-cut bread gathered in packs, not sold toasted as the name suggests.


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