What Is It Like to Travel?

To travel is to find out new places, new faces and new experiences. Well, for most. Travel has been a part of me right since I was born. Travel has defined me as a person. It taught me what books didn't and showed me life unlike any other. In a way, Travel has helped me find myself.

Travel is good with family, great with friends and even better alone. Living in a small hamlet off the deserted highway to a place unknown is a challenge not many can take afterall. 

Every time you have a travel magazine in your hands or a blog about a place you've always wanted to go, there are certain things that always happen. Your eyes widen and there is a smile on your face. The urge inside you manifests into a physical pain and you can't sit wherever you were a few moments back. You feel like closing your laptop/magazine, packin your bags, with the credit card and DSLR by your side and excel sheets crying behind, you feel like leaving the very instant. 

Something always stops you from doing that. Somehow, you reason yourself. Money constraints, that elusive car, house, that watch you always wanted to gift your dad on his 50th birthday, may be. Somehow, those excel sheets and emails console you and become your only companion in that rusty ol' cubicle of yours. You have successfully staved off life, for one more day.

The day even one single reader comes up to the author and says that this blog helped him/her burst away from the shackles that he/she put on because of others, this blog would have made its mark. 

Here's to YOUR life. Here's to Living, not just mere survival. Here's to living in a motel, but a good night's sleep. Here's to memories and stories and not Facebook. Here's to new friendships we build over our journeys and not the ones we are running away from on social networks.

Let's get out there! Cheers!


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