Barely a week into the new year, many of my friends are already failing their new year resolutions. What could be the blame for this? Well, a bad day at work, cook not arriving and simply man nahi kiyan yaar

I still don't understand one simple little thing - why the duck would you set an unrealistic resolution? These resolutions are like marriage than an odd date or a fling. They need dedication and a lot of patience. If you have resolved to be fit, don't pin it down to going to gym every single day and end up paying a considerable amount of your disposable income to secure that membership. If your resolution is about being fit, then there are so many ways to be fit without going to a gym, or better, BEFORE joinin a gym.

You see, the idea behind joining a gym or any other would require you to dedicate a stipulated amount of time, something that many of us just simply might not have, isn't it? This is where you need to think it through - Make Resolutions Simple. 

Mine is pretty simple - Drink water. 

Not the water WITH whiskey(I know what you might be thinking), but just plain water, and shit tonnes of it. I walk my dog every day anyway. Sure, sometimes, it's at 8, sometimes it's at 9 but i ensure to take Nemo out every single day. Everyday, I add something to my walk - an extra round around the park running, an additional pushup here, one more crunch there.

Today, for example, I added side crunches to the workout. It's been a week and I have never felt fitter. The point that I am trying to state - Just take one small step at a time. Maybe I will join a gym, but not now. Sometime around March, when my body is perhaps ready for the next level of workouts. 

Another small little thing that I have added to my list of resolutions is to learn a new language. So, yeah, there you have it. I have always loved the German and Spanish culture. So, I think I am pretty much sorted for the rest of the year. Not stretching myself too thin, but I'd just want to devote not more than ten minutes to learn the language. When you look at the same thing, everyday, for a year, you will see that I'd have spent about 60 hours, enough to learn not one but two languages.

There are a couple of other resolutions, but they are equally simple. Just make one small incremental change to your routine and you will soon find yourself getting back to keeping your resolution for sure.

Remember, dont make resolutions an excuse to manage your disappointments. If you're shit, you will remain shit. Any damn resolution wont magically lift you up. You will have to lift yourself up. So, go save yourself and become even more awesome. Cheers!


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