Savour the Best of Delhi at The Claridges: #ClaridgesCaptured

Through the plush lanes of the bygone-era, one iconic hotel stands through the test of time - The Claridges. Their iconic brand still holds true to the ones with a finer taste of life. As I walked through the corridor replete with mordern paintings and the festive season crowd buzzing about the lobby, I couldn't help but wonder the stories etched in the walls of this magnificent hotel.

Built in 1952, this hotel was once the favourite place for our first Prime Minister - Mr. J. Nehru, for an evening cup of tea. Very few hotels have the ability to charm you with their contemporary luxury. Be it their newly renovated Dhaba which frankly took my breath away when it came to the detailing (they even had a Truck inside the dhaba) or Jade which defines luxury, I was thoroughly spoilt for choices. 

The calm exteriors make way for the vibrant interiors, with colours bursting through every corner of this hotel. With privacy and security given utmost importance, one feels at home when one visits here.

Being at the heart of the city gives you an added advantage of worrying less about the commute. With Winters setting in the capital, you could even take a stroll outside and marvel at the heritage buildings on your way around Lutyen's. 

Their cute li'l bakery, aptly called "Ye Old Bakery" had some of the most delicious pastries I have had the opportunity to taste in Delhi. As the bustling Claridges Gardens got ready for twilight, more guests poured in, thanks to the impending weekend. 

Their spacious rooms have every corner speaking out. I was impressed by the level of care put into designing these rooms. While we enjoyed the evening tea and marvelled at the sights of the hotel, including the pool, dusk rolled in the Capital of India. 

With every passing minute, with every light being switched on at the hotel to usher in the night, it was a sight to see. Truly, being at The Claridges brings you close to the heart of the city. 

So, pack your bags and head to the city with sights and sounds unlike any other in world, everyone at the Claridges is waiting with open arms.

Through the plush lanes of the bygone-era, one iconic hotel stands through the test of time - The Claridges Hotels &...


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