Farewell, My Friend

Farewell, my friend, as I see you off to a journey unknown. Farewell, that's all I can say. I have had so many things to write, and yet, I can only muster this word. Have a happy life, may you be loved like you always wanted to be, may you love like you never have. May the moments we cherished together get written over by better ones. May you travel the world, see the stars glisten on someone else's eyes, someone who loves you as much as the world.

Farewell, my friend, for the day is yet to break and I don't want you to miss the sunshine. I wish for you to explore the words, words that begin beyond the horizon. I hope your eyes never strain from the glare of the society, its words which has poisoned us. I hope you go beyond the truth and find the reasoning, the perspective to draw a conclusion after, not before. I hope you learn and grow beyond what you can possibly imagine for yourself.

Yes, we have had our moments. Some of them so breathtakingly simple that they have become the cancer we'd love to die for. Those moments will hurt while being taken out. Perhaps, a part of our soul will die in the process, but we'd still be alive and there'd still be hope. Perhaps, when all this is over, when you'd have that warm cup of freshly brewed coffee and it pours outside in your city, you'd smile, not cry, smile, that whatever happened, turned out okay.

Of course, I tried to stop you. But you wouldn't know. But it doesn't matter now. There were so many words you should have heard, words that wouldn't mean anything to you, ones that wouldn't have helped you grow as a person. But then it's what you wanted, something that I wasn't willing to part with. Perhaps my silence was too overwhelming for you and the condesending nature of my sarcasm. Perhaps I shouldn't have reacted the way I did, but atleast it wasn't proactive. But then it's not the time to lament on things that weren't supposed to happen.

It's time for you to go out and explore the endless possibilities. Make mistakes, be proud about them. There have been people who have let you down. There will be more. But remember this: the more hate you get, you will know that you are on the right track. So, keep at it. Don't be embroiled in the mediocrity of general people. Be extraordinary.

I know you will still care about a lot what people have to say about you. They will have good things and bad things and terrible things. You would have your heart broken to learn about the latter two. But that wouldn't kill you. None of those will. You will survive another day, another heartbreak, another bout of sadness. What'd matter is what you would have learnt from it. So, be generous to yourself and just smile and wave. 

Everything is right there. However, I am going to miss you, your reassurances, the false hope that you create this castle with. We didn't know what happened between the two of us but I know the world really did help in burning the bridges. But then what's done is done.

I want you to be free, free as one's desires can be. Whether or not the things you aspire to get in life materialize, always remember to not focus on the pursuit of happiness but on the happiness of pursuit. So, here, with all my hopes, and dreams, and words that never saw the light of the day, farwell, my friend. May you find the sunshine you so desire, I shall be waiting with my stars on the other side.


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