It's All About Leaving an Impression

When was the last time you truly made an impression upon the world? Maybe a pitch where you were undermined before you stepped up and won the account. Maybe the day you took an important call for your company and the end result was nothing less than amazing? Winning an impression isn't simple. Through sustained belief in oneself, you truly create an impression that lasts long.

So, how can you ditch the conventional and leave an impression for generations to come?

Question before Agreeing
Just to win the corner office, the world is busy agreeing to anything and everything. Question, ask, and above all debate. Never agree to anything the moment it's handed over to you. Instead, ask how you can benefit everyone involved by optimizing your role. And that can only be done when you ask the right questions.

Unapologetically Right
The world is full of those who are ready to apologize if their superiors ask them to. If you know you're right and you know every single soul in the room is wrong, be willing to make the call. Every single person you see on the magazine cover has been unapologetically right till date. They have taken risks, calculative ones and they have stood their ground. The world bows down to the ones who do that.

Be Grounded
You have experienced the lows and the highs and you must have loved the highs dearly. However, the ones to reach the truest of highs are the ones who have been grounded throughout. When you're grounded, you have what it takes to shake the conventional.

Out with the Pretentious. In with the Real
Let's be honest, everyone digs honesty but not everyone can stomach it. However, that shouldn't stop you from being who you really are - your self. Be who you are. Everything else will fall into place. If not now, then soon enough.

Nothing gets you closer to the ultimate like a glass of Ballentine's. Because it's not just about having a personality, it's about leaving an impression. Check out their TVC below:


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