Delhiversary - My 5 Biggest Takeaways from 2014

2014 has been something. And by something I mean good, in every way imaginable. Exactly one year today since I left the dying city. Exactly one year since I took that calculated risk to shun the city with forever moist air, forever noise and forever nothingness. Exactly a day since time finally turned around and luck finally smiled on me. The year has been good, yes, probably the best since 1992. But just like every year when I list out the biggest takeaways from the previous year in my journal, I decided to shun it this time and take it up on my blog.

So, without further ado, here are my five biggest takeaways from the year gone by:

Everyone Leaves. Period. 
Be prepared for your worst nightmares, for they will be proven true. The people on whom you will invest your time, thoughts, love, adulation and above all, hope, will walk over you as if you're a rug. They'd gleefully wash their dirt on you and before you can see what's up, they'd be gone, or worse, stay and yet be almost always, away. Be it a best friend you called your brother or a friend who promised you a life filled with trips, they will leave. If they haven't, they will. 

Travel is Life
Many come, many leave, you discover something, someone discovers you, there are challenges small and large and you are on your own. Travel is a lot like life. Wait. Travel is life. I travelled to so many new destinations after coming to Delhi. And yet, there is so much to see. The thirst to see a new sight and the hunger to feel its air grows with every new discovery and I don't feel like stopping anytime soon. 

Take Life Head On. Be Independent
Was almost broke in the initial months here in Delhi. The condition was so bad that it's hilarious now that I think about those days. And yet, it seems like it is because of those days that I am what I am today. It helped me plan better and I became much more of the guy I'd want to look into the mirror every morning when I wake up. I lived alone back in Kolkata as well, but nothing prepared me for the uncertainties of Delhi. Well, good thing is - now I am prepared. 

You Never Know Where Life Takes You
When the year started, I had a breakup, dead-end job and laughable list of people I'd call my own. I didn't imagine I'd know Himachal Pradesh like the back of my hand by the year end. I didn't imagine I'd be rocking Karaoke nights, week after week, that strangers would clink their beer bottles cheering me after every song. I didn't imagine that I'd become great friends with so many people, many of whom have become my family. Oh! I certainly did not imagine bumping into Rekha Bhardwaj and later becoming great friends with her. Yes, I am boasting. But, you get the drift, right? 

There is Always Hope
No matter how cliched it may sound, but it either works out or you learn from it. There is always hope. If a great friend has drifted apart, some stranger will come around and life would be meaningful again. New people, new experiences, they are all there waiting for you. Just don't give up yet. Fight for it a bit more. Happiness will definitely crack through. 

So these were my biggest takeaways from the year gone by. How about you? Share it on my Facebook page - Discovering Happiness Now or in the comments below! 


  1. Hapnd to chek ur blog & came across this one. Good to know that you've discovered happiness finally! :). Your 2nd and last takeaways r the 1ns i cud relate to the most. Strangely one of my best takeaways from last yr was also my trip to HP & well Punjab too. Now that i've learnt that u know HP so well, maybe few pointers from you would do me good next time wen am visiting HP!!

    1. Thanks Urmi! Glad you could relate to it! :)


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