Sad? It's Actually Good!

When was the last time you were sad? You might say some moments ago. You must have been missing someone, someone must have disappointed you or you may simply not be contended with yourself. Is that sadness? Is that what you think happened to you a few moments back? 

People are connected these days. Too much, if I may add. Smartphones have made it easier for all of us to distract ourselves from not just relationships around us, but also the relationship we share with ourselves. We have become strangers to ourselves. We aren't in control over what we feel, how we feel and for how long we feel the same. 

You don't have anything to do? Out comes the smartphone and you jump on the lock-screen, check the notifications, play a few games and lock your phone again. Then you realize you actually just wanted to check the time. You take it out again and the same cycle goes on till you have work in front of you. And then, you're just exhausted.

The Power to Do Nothing
When was the last time you did nothing? When was the last time you shut off your phone and just stared at the traffic, thinking not about the life you could've/should've lived but simply being in the moment and watching the world go by? Doing nothing is an art in itself. 

There must have been those moments when a sad song reminded you of someone you had almost forgotten, the good times that you shared with that very person. Normally, you'd want to distract yourself by taking the phone out. Then, you'd key "Hi" to 50-odd people whom you generally ignore when they ping otherwise. Some reply, some don't. Somehow, you get out of that sad-zone by bullshiting yourself into having fun. You aren't.

Let It Come
The next time sadness shows up, let it come. Let it overpower you. Take your time out and break down. You will be sad, you may fight the tears but don't try too hard. You will come out of it and when you do, there is no other way but happiness for you.

Help Someone
Having trouble doing the same? Having trouble coming out of the shitty zone you have put yourself into? Then go ahead and help someone who's in need. You can even take some time out to give it to someone who needs you. The smile that you will get in return will definitley be worth it.

It's a lovely life. There are tonnes of things to do, people to meet and memories to create. Don't restrict yourself by thinking about a person who isn't there in your life and doesn't want to be. Cheers!


  1. Hello, great post! I guess we need to be self-aware/accepting of our emotions, without wallowing in them completely when we're low. A difficult balance to strike sometimes!

  2. Even I get hurt very easily and It takes a long time to recover.

  3. This is awesome. "Doing nothing is an art in itself," is such a true statement. I would even take that a step further to say that what we often consider doing "nothing" is actually doing what is most important in life: sitting back, reflecting, being aware of our bodies, and connecting with what's really alive with ourselves.

  4. Frank P. Glass1 March 2015 at 03:21

    Because after sadness, after breaking down, is the feeling where you have released every burden within your heart. That is when you're ready to be truly happy again. Thanks for sharing this article!


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