Chapter 12: But Will You?

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I am hurt. No, not because of this arm, but because I have failed you. I have failed to make you happy. I have failed to show you how much I care. I have failed in pretending that I am happy. I can't. Really, I have tried hard. I have loved them, our daughters, since the day you both gave them to me as a gift. I nurtured them like you'd have had things been different, had I been like everyone else, working, earning, being a dad. 

But I feel like living with a stranger. I don't know anything about you, about your past, about your fears. I know that I love you, but everyday that's tested. I could fight the world, sweetheart, you know that? I could fight them all, but I can't, because you are here and you aren't at the same time. I could touch you like I'd touch a corpse, lifeless, soul-less. I am saddened, as I know that I couldn't find Sophia's killers. I know that you curse me every single day. I am sorry but I cannot change that. 

I am hurt, Tara. Please don't hurt me anymore. I am broken man already. Don't rub the burn too much. You have hurt me enough. You have made me live through unbearable pain and yet here I am, picking up the broken pieces after every abuse, like the very grass you walk on every night before you sleep. I wonder whom you talk to, when there is no one outside in the dark, your head shaking vehemently as I see the moonlight bounce off your hair, your lovely curly hair. I don't know whom I married, Tara, but I love my kids, sorry kid, now that Sophia isn't there. Or is She?

She is scared Tara, Roohi. I don't know what goes through your mind when you do this. Tara, don't do this. Tara don't rush at me. She is sleeping, Tara. She doesn't have to wake up to see this monster in the room, Tara. Tara I beg of you, please don't begin. Who are you Tara? Why are you doing this to me? Roohi is awake. She is crying. Please don't hit me. Please don't hold her like that. Her arm still hurts from yesterday. Can't you see her pleading you to let go? Can't you see my folded hands begging you to stop? Please don't hurt her, Tara. Please don't. I have vowed to never leave your side. Please don't hurt me. I am a broken man, Tara. 

What are you doing? Why are you screaming? Please stop! Please...please stop banging your head on the mirror! Please stop! Why are you cutting yourself? What made you do this to yourself, to us? Look, we were all happy, everything was fine. Sophia didn't have to die, please don't make me die everyday for this. You are bloodied, Tara. Your nightgown has turned red. You have blood on your hands, Tara. Where are you taking us? Please don't! The neighbors might be awake! Why are you doing this! My head! It's hurting! 

*                                   *                           *                            *                        *                              *

It's okay, Roohi. Mommy is a li'l upset. Hush now, she will be fine. She will take us out and untie us when we have stopped driving her mad. I don't know what made god have us suffer through this. I really can't tell. There's no one here. It's the same place where they saw Sophia last. I am here, Roohi. Don't cry now. Daddy is here. Here, sleep in my arms. Mommy will be alright. Mommy will take us out of here when she is not mad anymore. I am sorry, Roohi. I am sorry but I promise you will have better days. I am sorry.

Tara, please come back. Please don't forget about your vows too. I am alone. I am lonely. Please help us. But will you?

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  1. Great going Aurindam! :)
    The domestic violence which you have portrayed here is less spoken of in our society although very much prevalent. Appreciate that you took up such an issue and described it so well.

  2. Aah! I feel for poor Shekhar. And Roohi too. Tara is some kind of sadist or a monster? Why is she harassing her own family? Wonder what's her story! Liked the way you have brought out Shekhar's agony, Aurindam. Good one! :)

  3. Seems to me Tara has her own devils to deal with. She is aware of their presence but cannot do much about it. Probably hurting her remaining bit of the family by giving in partially to the evil is the only way to keep the devil under deception thus protecting the non-involved. Unfortunately they are part of Tara's life and thus involved and they will have to live the consequence. None of this were anybody's choice but they have to face it. Probably Sophia is the only one resting in peace or may be will rest in peace someday. What about the one's left behind, the ones yet to face the devilest face of the devil! Tara can only hurt herself to feel less hurt and helpless and probably hurting the remnant of her family the only option to save them from a greater pain or a nastier ending.

    God this is awesome! Intriguing! The story can go anywhere. This U-turn is well scripted Aurindam. Good job done!


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