Celebrate the Difference

We are different, each one of us. We live our lives in a cocoon of lies and hopes that people feed us, sometimes even going overboard. These waterboarding words of hope drown us and soon we resign to a life we didn't think we will have to suffer through when we were kids. Somehow, we agree to the life that's given to us and somehow we agree to everything that's given to us. That's basically against the very ethos of life, isn't it? Life is meant to be lived, not survived!

You are Special #WhoeverYouAre

Anything that you want to do for your self, will be met with heartfelt opposition in all probability. This is something fundamental. People are designed to love those who aren't successful. They hate the success of others, it makes them jealous, you see. If you don't succeed, you don't piss them off. They don't feel unnerved by your presence, they don't chuck you off. 

You are Different

In all probability, everyone is different. They want to be treated special, they want to be given adequate focus on, failure of which may make them desert you. Because, "Hey! You didn't treat me the way I wanted." Imagine yourself crossing a river. Giving importance to someone is like jumping on their boat to ensure that they are okay. But you can't leave your boat. So, you put one on yours and another on theirs. That's about as Bruce Lee as you can go, trust me. The more people you have, the greater the pressure of making everyone feel special. But, damnit, you only have two legs. 

Celebrate the fact that you are different. They say success comes to those who go beyond their comfort zone. What many forget to point that you may go any extent to find success, but till the time you are in harmony with yourself, no good is going to happen to you. So, how to go about it?

Find People who Love You
Love is a great thing. It can move mountains, it can definitely move you. You have tonnes of friends. Find the ones who are ready to be by your side, who won't pick you up, but will cheer you on! Friends who pick you up may not help you grow as a person. Very harsh truth but that's it. 

Invest in a Hobby
Quit the money-guzzling lifestyle. Everyone has a hobby. Those who don't, never really tried finding one. Investing in a hobby is an investment worth every penny. Do you know who are the happiest professionals at the end of the day - Those who invested in the things they loved. If you give time and energy into something beautiful to you, it will have its day.

You can't expect to see the vastness of the sky if you are holed up in a cave. Travel, go see people more than you see places. You will find an all new perspective to those in your life currently. Travelling helps you see that no matter where you go and whom you meet, everyone is different and happiest are the ones who are at peace with themselves and the close set of people they have.

Learn to Say "No"
Saying "No" is an art. I am still nowhere close to it. Saying "No" to a favour you aren't comfortable with may sound harsh to that person. But you will have to learn and say No in the most polite manner as possible. 

Don't be Harsh on Yourself
Yes, you have disappointed many. Yes, you may disappoint many more. But staying in the same limbo will not get you anywhere emotionally. It doesn't matter who messed it up, you or that person. What matters is that you are here, that person isn't. Save the one who needs to be saved - Yourself. 

Forgive. Forget. Move On. And most importantly, Don't Turn Back. Celebrate #WhoeverYouAre


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