All That Matters is Your Smile

Walked up the stairs of heaven
Touched the stars
Moved over galaxies
Couldn't yet find the smiles

Traveled back to the yard
Felt the grass on my feet
Gulped the dew over this throat
Satiated I felt again over time

Built castles, Dead universe, still bright
I want you to be mine
A million desires and covering you up
For every other mistake of mine

Moving towards, Traveling to places
Hands of yours in mine
Again to realize the importance thy
I pamper myself and self respect divine

They broke, You woke me up
They gave a stroke
You were there, You are today
I owe you my growth
Because somebody said, there'd be no sunshine
Without a drop of rain

About Ashwin

A social media enthusiast who dabbles with poetry, Ashwin loves words and writing. He loves making friends and has quite a following on Twitter too! Go give him a shout-out! He'd love it!

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