Chapter: Leaving My Company

This has been a learning experience - the last company I have been working for. I thought I was a step closer to my dream of seeing myself as a public relations guy but that wasn't meant to be. For the starters, I am just too damn good with social media and as it's the sunshine sector, I figured it will be better for me to stay put for some more time. 

With the new job, a new city beckons. Gurgaon calls me out and it's going to be fun. Statistically, most of my friends are from Bangalore, a city I badly want to avoid. 2nd falls Mumbai and 3rd being Gurgaon. Gurgaon has a lot of friengers whom I can easily avoid. I thought that the city will be expensive. Hence, I had bargained for a good salary. Hell, the kind of inflation that has gripped the entire country, by current estimates, I will be saving more than what I do now in Kolkata. 

The good thing about the new job, other than the city, is the kind of opportunities it opens up when it comes to travel. I like travelling and my only point of working my arse of 10 hours a day is to save up on the CLs and add them up to go to a holiday at the end of the year. 

I have always considered myself to be a non-bong. Hence, I won't be coming back to kolkata during Pujos as most bengali folks do. I'd rather work more during this period and go off during the end of the year to a far away place. Another good thing about shifting is the chance, albeit remotely, to start afresh. Since the time I have come back to Kolkata, I have always been sort of dragged into complex relationships which I desperately wanted to avoid. I am not generalizing, but been just plain lucked out. Hence, the optimist in me still feels to startover and get a better treatment from fate in the next leg.

There are 3 bad things, just 3 on transferring out of this city. All these three points are equally important to me. I will be away from my old man. He wants me to become successful, get a good life, make a name for myself, but will sort of want me to come home every time it's possible. The 2nd is my NGO and its friends. Made tonnes of good friends and did some good work that helped me, literally come out of my breakup. For this, I owe them a lot. Being away from them on project-days will hurt big fucking time, but then we gotta do what we gotta do. 

I have fallen in love. I never imagined that I'd care for somebody ever again but this lady gave me a shot at heaven. I will be physically away from her in Gurgaon while she has to stay put in Kolkata. This will hurt a lot, something I am going to have to bear heavily. But then it's all for the good and I'd want to be her in life. And hence, it's okay. I will be back, she can always come to me and it's going to be super fun!

I am mentally prepared to go away to Gurgaon. Kolkata has been good but I have always considered myself to be an outsider to this city. And guests, no matter how long they stay, have to leave some day. 


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