5 Wellness & Happy Resolutions for 2014

Guest post By Marta López

New Year, new attitude… It´s January and it means it´s time to make new resolutions. I´m sure this is not the first time you have thought about this (last year you probably promised yourself not to drink alcohol during the first month of the year and to give up smoking) but for once, let’s be realistic and set up goals that you can easily achieve and, even more importantly, that  will make you feel happier. Forget about the standard challenges and think about those little things in life that are easy to explore. Are you ready for the happiness? 

Take care of the environment
If you want to live in a healthy and nice world, you need to take care of it. Our environment is one of the things we should look after well. Due to the modern way of life in developed countries, people don´t realise how much damage we are causing on a daily basis. Have you thought about walking more and driving less? If you are decided to help Mother Nature, you can also plant a tree, save water by only doing the laundry when you have a full load, or start buying recycled goods. Last thing: Teach your kids, friends and parents the importance of taking care of the Earth. 

Top tip: Try recycling more: the more we do it, the less we waste. 

Plan to Exercise
We all know that exercising helps us to feel in good shape and also it affects our mind in a positive way. But don´t force yourself by doing types of exercise you don´t like at all. The first thing you should do is to assess your own body and after that try to design a schedule that works for you (it’s important to do something you really enjoy, as you need to be consistent every week). Look back over your life and remember if you used to enjoy spending time in the sea. In that case, swimming can be your sport. If you prefer to explore new horizons, try with different exercises such as yoga or aerobics. You will find out soon how much your body loves the sessions!

Top tip: Try the pilates experience; It’s a fantastic way to use your mind and body at the same time. 

Visit a Mediterranean Destination

Do you love good food and walking along the beach? If the answer is “yes”, you are in luck. Travelling to the Mediterraneo can be a great and relaxing experience to face the year with. What about Barcelona? The city of Gaudi offers amazing walks around old and beautiful monuments. And of course, don’t forget its famous street markets (don’t miss La Boqueria market -La Rambla de Sant Josep, Green Line-). Don’t hesitate to bring your notebook and ask for recipes; you will prove the fact that olive oil is mandatory in every single meal. Healthy food, happy people…Do you need any more reasons to join the Mediterranean diet?

Top tip: Find a hotel at the Barceloneta. You won´t want to come back!

Write a diary
You don’t necessarily have to be an excellent writer to record your daily experiences. Writing a personal journal is a good way to track your progress and also to re-live those little details of life that made you happy once. Writing is available to anyone of any age (and anywhere) and it´s a beneficial habit for self-reflection. Who knows? Maybe you‘ll find a writer inside of you…Remember: The key in 2014 is creativity!

Top tip: Read The Mystery of the Cleaning Lady by Sue Woolfe. 

Laugh more
This is the last goal to achieve and not necessarily the easiest one. Did you know that 10-15 minutes of laughter burns 50 calories? But that´s not the only effect laughter has on us; we also change psychologically. For instance, our muscles stretch, our blood pressure goes up and we send more oxygen to our tissues. You already know it: laughing might be the best medicine.

Top tip: Laugh as much as you can.


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