When You have a Friend Leaving

You can almost hear the train leaving already. Travel bags stare at you and you have nothing else to do but to bid goodbye to that one person whom you don't want to leave your side. You suddenly start questioning the future. You are scared. You feel like it's the end. After all, there is no way you can lead a normal life without your best friend, isn't it?

There are so many good movies that are yet to come out. There are so many places to go and joints to checkout. Who will accompany you now? The kind of retarded good times are sure to end soon and they probably won't happen again. The gifts that you brought for your friend suddenly weigh heavy and you think of turning around and not witnessing this moment altogether. But then you have to be the strong. You aren't the one who is, after all, going away.

Everytime a friend leaves, for couple of weeks, or for long, it really becomes another episode of sadness. Friendship is about being there by each other's side, come what may. But then suddenly we are done through school, through college, universities and we have our careers staring blankly at us. You will have to hop onboard, afterall, it's for the better.

train station
You can only reason out yourself that much. Gifts are given, bags are packed, loaded and you both are right there at the platform waiting for the train to arrive. The Summer evening is unusually stifling and the bustling station isn't quite helping when it comes to calming your senses. You see your friend staring blankly at the tracks, trying to carve out the next decade.

You put your arms around, give your friend that slight nudge. Your see the forehead lines and a faint smile, put up to avoid the sadness around. You can only delay the obvious. To break the silence, you take the initiative to talk about the future. For the next five minutes, your friends talks about the plan, about the semi-yearly breaks (will they be enough?) and the calls (will there be time?). There are talks about the eventual transfer to a location close to home but then there is the realization of MNCs hardly working that way.

Suddenly you see the shoulders drop. The commotion in the platform is palpable. The bag seems to have gained more weight now. You adjust it and start walking. Your friend walks a step behind you, knowing fully well about the journey ahead. Tickets are checked and seats are located. You hand over the parting gift and get that one last hug. You don't know when will you be lucky to forget all this and get back to the good ol' days. 

The train gives you a slight nudge and you have to get down. You shake hands and jump off. There were words you had planned to say and yet don't have the ability to, anymore. You wave with all your heart and carve this memory deep in your heart. You turn around and see others still waving their beloved good-bye, some with even tears in their eyes. You see porters picking up the goods and trying to get things done in a hurry in their own loud manner.

And then your phone vibrates and you receive a text stating how much shall you be missed and how awesome it is for someone to have a friend like you. And then, you smile. Distances don't matter when you have memories. 
The photograph has been taken by Dipjyoti Banik, an budding photographer and a brother. Go check out his work here and give him a shout out! He'd love it! 

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  1. Yes, I can certainly relate to this.With the rush going on sooner or later we all have to face a certain situation like this when someone close has to move away..

  2. :'( Okay, I miss a friend who left the same way. But she never came back!

  3. I read this and I was in the same situation 5 years ago when my bet friend left for Mumbai. That crashing world around you and the sadness of being left alone. I sent this to her and its like we relived the moment. Thank you once again. Impeccably written..


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