5 Things You are Doing Wrong with Life

A candid post. There are many who crib online about how their lives are riddled with problems. Some take a sort of a personal offence at something they don't have a control over. If you are thinking about where you have technically gone wrong with your life, then this might be the solution that you're looking for.

You Over-listen to Others
Look around you. All the successful people have done something they were told they won't succeed in. They kept on. Listening to others more wouldn't have been good for others. There is a fine line between being a well-wisher and actually curbing your growth. Some people forget that. They jump onto suggesting you what they feel is the best possible answer for you. They are not you. Hence, they are wrong. 

The way-out
Unfortunately, the society we live in doesn't offer much hope when it comes to allowing us to chase our dreams. However, the best way to embark on the right path is by focusing on what you plan to do 3 decades down the line. Drastically changing your course may put you in some deep trouble, more so if you have dependents. But if you focus on making the most of your future, then plan it out. Hear others. But listen to yourself.

Your Priorities are Messed Up
You should be working whereas you are tweeting. You should be sleeping but you are surfing the web. You end up getting less sleep and cursing your self the next day. This vicious cycle keeps on rolling till the time you realize you have become a slave to this and nothing else. Nothing is going away. If you plan on a holiday, think about what you need to do now and get on it. Financial objectives aside, it's the day-to-day lifestyle that can be the real game-changer. 

The way out
It's amazing how we let our body control us despite knowing fully well that we can work a way out. Keep up to a schedule (but don't make it rigid). It's important to truly relish what you are doing than worrying about what you aren't able to do. Give some time to your family, your friends. Just waking up a hour earlier than your normal time can do wonders. 
P.S: Doesn't apply to those who wake up at noon. 

Your Past Haunts You
Well, this is probably the single biggest obstacle that you may be facing. Questions like "What if I did this.." and "What would've happened had I..." suck you from your present and throw you to a moment which you don't have a control over. If you can't laugh at the same joke once, why do you cry over the same hurt over and over again? (Courtesy

The way out
The only way out is to forgive. I'd be kidding if I said it's easier to let go off your past. It's not. It's tough and it's worse than many diseases known to man for the simple reason because it affects the mind. You can either get too busy with your life or simply accept that you were at a fault and fall in love with a whole new thing.

Your Breed Hatred 
It amuses me the way some people take time and effort to keep the hatred alive towards those who aren't even there anymore. Are you really that jobless to still give a portion of your life (one that won't be back) towards someone who is actually enjoying his/her life right at this point of time? Who is winning? You aren't. Yes, you may have been wronged. Yes, they may be getting all the luck for them right now. Yes, your hatred towards them may not alter their lives even an iota. 

The way out
What you can do is simply not give a damn. There is nothing better than simply not reacting. Don't even take the time and energy to acknowledge the existence of those who hurt you. If they have a conscience, they will ask for forgiveness later on. If not, then even better. But you don't have any right to waste your time. 

You're Putting Up with Shit
You may love someone too much for them to hurt you. But then you have to wake up and understand where you are in a relationship. Putting up with shit, be it your job or someone is clearly against you. You always seem to defend the idea than your self. Somehow, you become your own adversary. And then, when they leave you, you are too ashamed to even man up to yourself.

The way out
Simple. You give up on the people and the things that are bending and testing you. There is no point is sticking up to a failed relationship. There is no point to keep loving a thing if makes you lose your self respect. Get out while you still can.

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