The Scent of Happiness

It's more important to know where you are than to know where you are headed. There are times when the best moments of our lives go right by without any of us even having a bit of clue. These are the sights, the sounds and the smells that remind us of the promises that have to be kept, the memories that are to be cherished.

After you are done reading this post, just close your eyes for some time. You are just a few thoughts away from the people who love you. It's that simple. "Happiness is having a loving, close-knit family in a different city", someone wrote. Having lived this line first-hand, I can vouch for it!

You are walking down the road, thinking about the day ahead while walking towards your office grudgingly on a Monday morning. So many strangers are sharing your mood, your thoughts for the week ahead. Someone walks past you wearing the same cologne that your dad used to wear when you were a school-going kid. You remember the smell distinctly for you hugged him tight everyday when he dropped you off to school.

While you are sitting at the tea stall outside your office, waiting for dhaba-wala to bring you the tea, you see a child playing while his mother cuddles him. Suddenly you miss home, you miss your people. There is this sudden urge to turn back time and run to your mother's arms, where worries weren't about meeting monthly, quarterly and yearly targets, but to love your mom a bit more everytime you hugged her.

Every house has a distinct scent to it. Thanks to my father's job, I had the opportunity of travelling all over the country. From Punjabi households to South Indian ones, the scent was something that distinctly stayed on.

But what's the best scent of a house?

It's the smell of turmeric off your mother's aanchal as she sweats her day out in the Kitchen. You miss that the most when you are away. Then there is your brother irritating the hell out of you, and the smell of sweat from your sister's incessant running around the house. Then, there is the scent from the garden in the backyard, the dampness in the night. These small experiences stay with you anywhere you are. 

Times are sure to change. Yet everytime you get back home, the smell from your childhood, your adolecence will come right back at you like the first monsoons in your city. And they will leave nothing but a petrichor of smile on your face.

Yes. You are finally home.

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  1. Loved this post. Memories are so wrapped up in scents. I took a walk tonight and found so many memories... the green grass from my late night walks at my own college years ago, the smell of construction that took me back to childhood when our first house was built, and upon returning home, the hint of pine in the air that will be the memory of this place in years to come.

    1. Thank you so much! Do share pictures from your hometown! Would love to see them!

      As always, love you for following the posts! Have a wonderful time ahead!

  2. Beautiful.

    It is nearly impossible to write deeply about an experience one has never been through and yet you manage it perfectly well. Those who don't know you might find it a natural experience of your childhood, right?

    Now that is a feather added to the hat!

  3. Love your smell collections. Most of them are relatable to mine too :)


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