Your Thoughts and The Sea

You are just a thought away. I can always find you whenever I want to. Then there are moments of us being together, sharing our hopes and aspirations for the future. I can live this life for another eternity, but an eternity might not be enough. I could sing you like the song I so desperately wanted to sing, and just like that the night would become day and the day, you. You will be right there, right there with me. There would be nothing but just vast expanse of the ocean, the cool blue ocean, too vast for us, too deep for us. But I won't be scared. For dying would give me just another reason for me to find you. For you are not there with me anymore. 

There are souls wandering at the shore, and the moon shines through the night. These souls are as far from me as the shore behind. These souls are dancing, they are in love, they are happy. I am trying to keep a watch over them. Some approach me, ready to take me to you but I hesitate. Maybe I shouldn't have. I disappoint these souls, but I am used to doing that, just like I disappointed us.


It's night now. There is nothing between me and you, for your thoughts have consumed me enough to rob me off my sense of existence  I don't know whether to be overjoyed or be morose. I am just sitting here, gazing through the waves of life shining off your face and bringing you close to me. 

And then you appear. You ask why am I alone when those souls are so far? I tell you I am comfortable, taken aback a little bit to see you here. You don't join others down there at the shore, where water kisses the land and brings diamonds from heaven to kiss their feet. You stay with me, sit beside me. We sit like two strangers finding the company of each other's somewhat comforting on a strange place. There are tonnes of things that I feel like talking about, but refrain. I am just too busy enjoying the silence between us, after all silence is a language we all need to learn, isn't it?

You ask me about myself, and I reciprocate by asking about you. You talk at length about your life, things which you wouldn't tell me if we met somewhere else, somewhere usual. Your hair dances with the wind and you twitch at the mild numbness that the midnight breeze brings to you. Together, we watch those souls dancing through the night sky. We are there, away from everyone. You draw close, put your head on my shoulder and draw the strand of hair that had fall over your beautiful eyes behind your ears

I adjust myself to make you more comfortable, shifting my weight behind you to help you ease your head on my lap. Your eyes greet with me love and I see the moon through them. There is nothing but the moon, the smile and your eyes. I caress your face and you close your eyes. I have the world's most beautiful sight in front of me and I welcome the smile that breaks through me like your thoughts tonight. Our moment is happening. 

But now it's time for you to go. And I have to make myself to wish you Good-bye.

Your eyes fill up as you go away, smiling that smile of yours. You are far now, so far that I can't differentiate between you and the darkness that consumes you. I am waiting for you to take away the promises you showered me while you were here. Clouds shroud the moon that was there with me till a couple of moments back.

I try to get up but the weight of disappointment is too heavy to take away. I let it pass - the feeling of guilt. Slowly, those souls get back. Pick me up from my misery and take me to the same darkness that consumed you.

I am a broken soul. But we can't even sell our souls now, can we?
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The picture has been taken by Anwesha Dutt, an awesome fashion designer and a very good friend of mine. Do check out her stuff, she's really good at it!


  1. Reminds me of..

    a tiny sneak from a busy day, a time spent with myself. Maybe just an hour or so.

    Such are these random slides of thought. :)

    1. Thank you Lavina!! So glad you like the article!


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