All That Matters

Isn't it amazing that there is a possibility that someone somewhere out there is thinking about you right at this moment of time?

Do you still remember your childhood, when the only problem that you had was your Mother not loving you enough? Do you still remember your school days, when life happened in those games periods and friendships that formed all along the way? These thoughts, you hold them close to your heart to this day, don't you?

These are the thoughts that are a part of you now, make you who you are and the person you will become. These thoughts of the people behind making them special, of the special moments that you shared with them, of the time, the place and the experience are something that become your guiding light during your darkest hours.

Every once in a while, we need to sit back and give these thoughts, their due credit. 

You should be thankful for the memories that have been etched in your mind, even though the person behind them isn't there anymore. You should be thankful for the people who constantly support you with their love and affection. In time, you will realize that these thoughts will accompany you when you are lost in a crowd, or when you are exploring a new city all by your own.

All that matters at the end of the day is the smile on your face, and the person behind it. If you still go to sleep while deeply missing someone, you know you are blessed. However, there are some memories that bring you pain, sheer unadulterated pain. They make you lose your sleep, your behavioral stability and make you magically find that self-destruction button. You start hurting others and quite amazingly, hurt yourself. And the vicious cycle keeps rolling in till you are nothing but a faint reflection of your decimated imagination.

You could fight the thoughts, thinking like a fool that it would work. You would suddenly believe that it's possible to forget the person who hurt you like you forgot your classmate's name from school. But you aren't that lucky, are you? 

There are some who have a flawed perception towards life. They believe that somehow they can achieve the impossible of putting a leg in the past and another in the future and carry on with their life. They judge new people whom they meet by the experiences which they have had with the people whom they have met in the past. There is nothing good about it. You have to become a clean slate when you approach a person, probably a friend for life. 

What you are doing now is living a life according to the guidelines laid down by other people. This is the only way you can lead an impossibly ordinary life. Why live it when you are here to make a difference? 

Learn a new language, meet new people, fall in love. Because 4 decades down the line, when you are in your bed, contemplating on the life gone by, you should be up for something that makes you go - "Man! That was an amazing ride!" 

Aurindam Mukherjee

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  1. There comes a phase in everyone's lives when are more prone to self-destruction than rebuilding with innovation.
    And a person who has chosen innovation for destruction can feel what you have written above.

    Your blessed Aurindam. :)

  2. seriously u r blessed dear. so lively and cheerful.... :)


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