The Quarter Mile

It's midnight now. I have my dad calling it a night. I have 24 years and 364 days worth of experience to share, to build up on. I have the faint wind breezing in from the South-facing window, and I am accompanied with thoughts, thoughts that just keep rolling in through the night.

I have learnt a lot. Humbled. Absolutely.

There have been instances when I was thrust into an unfair game, instances when the monster was unleashed from within and I had to kill a part of myself to make way for a better person. But I couldn't quite kill it. Well, tonight's the night I take a new birth. There is something relatively important about my stay on this world for two and half decades. I need to find that out.

There's still some time away. Although my chain of thoughts is being intermittently broken with congratulatory wishes from a few of my friends, I am not complaining. Only a handful remember your birthdays, let alone your existence. I am deeply sucked in through the days when others called the shots to my life, when their action changed my then present and now future, altered the way I approached people and categorically decimate whatever hope that I was left with. I became a beggar. But then beggars have nothing to lose, right?

The Good
  • There's always room for Good - You can either sit on your own puddle of problems or make yourself find a way to get up and walk on. The choice is always with you. The situation cannot get any worse.
  • You will have a Lesson with you - No matter the kind of people whom you bump into during the course of your life, there will always be lessons that you may/may not chose to learn. 
  • Do good while you still can - There's never more a better time than to immediately rectify your drawbacks and work on them to emerge a better person who is capable enough to rocking through problems.
  • Let Nothing Affect Your Belief - Never run after correcting problems with others. You will only receive hate. Have a set of core beliefs and stick by them. If someone has a problem, remember, they always know the door they walked in through in the first place.
  • Help - It's always good to help others. But never treat anyone above you other than your parents. Help anyone in their bad times and don't judge them if they forget you in their good days. Remember, you control your actions.
The Bad
  • Life and its Sense of Humor - Terrible. You would often feel like gut-punching the hell out of life often. However, the point is - there's no stopping to it. 
  • Good friends will leave - As much as you don't want them to, the people whom you treasure the most will leave you for nothing. They will misunderstand you, hurt you and take you to be their step while they stomp on you to move ahead in their life. Don't brood. 
  • Disappointments will galore - The things that you hold most sacred and have unflinching support for? They will crumble right before your eyes. People whom you expect a trifle amount of happiness from will take the pleasure of disappointing you.
It's has been an amazing run so far. I can't say that I have been disappointed because quite frankly, there are tonnes of things that I am glad took place. I am glad the bad happened, in all its glory. I am glad that I got new friends, better friends. Even though I admit that a permanent dent has been created, I think I can survive by not looking at them. 

I am thankful to everyone, who have shown how disappointed they have been as for me they don't exist anymore. I am just too busy with people who love me than to think over people who don't. 

Most important, I thank YOU, for reading through the blog and standing by. Your visits on this blog powered me to keep writing, no matter how good or bad. 

I celebrated my birthday not on the exact day, but three days before, by sharing a few smiles with rescued girls at an Orphanage-cum-school. It was different and I am yet to describe how happy I am. See the album! 


  1. When you open your heart out completely, you have nothing to loose after that. You become much more stronger.humble.better. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Auri, from what I understand in your post you had a birthday ... Exactly what is the date of your birthday? How beautiful his work with the children at the orphanage, congratulations!!!
    Have a nice day!!! :)

  3. Sometimes, I wish your post shouldn't end at all and that I keep reading on and on. I'm sure your readers including me are lucky to have a blogger like you who can embellish thoughts with a personal perspective. Just blows my mind. :)

    Whatever happens, happens for a reason ;)


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