A Nightmare Untold

No. This cannot be a dream. It's too surreal, yet too real. I am able to see you, touch you, feel your tears on my neck, even the smell of your disappointment. No, this cannot be a dream. I...I have just met you. This is unfair. 

Yet. It's the truth. It's a Nightmare.  A nightmare untold. 

Your thoughts lay tattered. Feeling of betrayal is the only one you can find solace in. It's like a burnt down house of your dreams, only you are inside, waiting to be consumed by the fire of desperation. Getting out seems to be logical, but crucial moments tick by when you are caught between the disappointments of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow. 

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

You find smoke all around you, the laughter breezing in from the outside. You could ask for help, but would it arrive? Will it be just like yesterday, when you died another death, or will you be proved wrong, like you never have? Faith lays tattered like the burning furniture strewn all around the house. You think about battling the flames one last time, just to prove some wrong and some right. But then it's not worthwhile, for the laughter shall keep on breezing in and you will be thrown disappointing glances some other time as well. 

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Smoke as thick as the Monsoon clouds, but just as opposite. Sweltering heat bubbles out through the cracks on your body, but there tonnes of things to save now, your life doesn't matter, for it is filled with thoughts of disappointment that others have engraved in your head. No. You have things to do, lives to save, people to forgive. You must not sit by and wait for the fire to engulf you in her shroud of peace. You have work to do. You have to get up.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock

You are running now. Through the flames of yesterday, ducking the expectations of thousands on your head, you find your house of dreams slowly crumbling on its own weight through the corner of your eyes. No. You don't have time to turn around and mourn. You can only move forward. For the clouds are getting thicker. Soon it will rain. Or will it?

You stumble out of the house. A house that once was yours. You're angry. It's finally time to let go off your house of dreams, crumbling, disintegrating upon itself. It's finally time to open your eyes and wait to the dawn to break. It's time to ignore your heart and it's finally the time to gather whatever is left of you and trudge on through the cold white snow into the night. The night sky may be angry as ever, to have seen you alive, hurt, but alive. But it would rain anytime, and possibly wash you off the anger that helped you get out from the burning pyre. One last time. 

A nightmare is just about to end. One last time.


  1. You know what the scary part was? I just visualized it and it wasn't pretty. How do you do it? You manage to tuck in deep into a person's mind just with your words. Brilliant!

    Watching anything (your house/your loved assets) go up in flames -- there's something more to it than just nightmare, I'm sure?

    1. Thanks, Ana! I am so glad that you liked. Life has taken some surprising turns for many of us off late. Thought to put it in writing.

      Your words, and those of others, keep me going. Thanks for being there! Have a great one!

  2. Beautifully imagined and written.. could sense the pain in each line. Its easy to imagine the good stuff but to put the torment down in words simply brilliant. Loved every bit of it. Felt connected and kept me hooked. Thank you.. :) all the best ...keep giving us such masterpiece. God bless.!!

    1. Thank you so much, Trisha. So glad you could connect to it. Do read other posts. Hope you like them as well.


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