The Unburdened Lie

A lonely road greets the two of you as you head back. The suffocating heat isn't helping. Birds flying back to their home keep circling over their tree hopelessly to get some air under their wings. The dying Sun has the entire sky looking angry and you hope (hopelessly) for all this to get over with. The hand that holds you begins to tighten around your arms. You feel the words suddenly weighing heavy, heavier than the Summer heat that lingers in the air. 

You find yourself in the petrichor of lies, one that just doesn't promise to go away, one that you really want to quit experiencing. 

Lie painting
It starts slowly. You don't experience the full gamut of disappointments till some time after. You have a lie staring dead at your face and all you can do is smile and hope that it won't break you anytime soon like the last time. Then you find that clutched hand suddenly let loose. The light sweat on your arms suddenly finds relief to have received some fresh air. But the disappointment that's reeking from within has no way out but to keep bubbling inside.

You try to shift your attention to Now, for now is where your past has no control on. Together with a few good thoughts, you begin smiling. The hand that held you a couple of seconds back is now the farthest from you. You hear screams, you hears words, words that you really hoped to never hear. The smile on your face makes a desperate attempt to linger on but your past is just an emotion away from breaching your present, yet again.

Every time you hear a lie, see the other person lying right up to your face, you immediately have this tendency to judge that person. Don't. Instead, go into the 'why' of things. Why did the person start lying to you? Why  now? Why like this? Why to you?

I may be making you uncomfortable but I am not defending the person who lied to you. I am asking you to better your self. Yes. When I say that a person lying to you is not entirely his/her fault, I am defending this thought. The world needs rational people. Throwing tantrums, mouthing adjectives won't really make you the person others would look up to. And you may not even want others to approve of you. But not going into bettering yourself will only bring you closer to disappointment and bad decisions.

Understand the reasons behind the problem and work towards solving it. The other person may be important to you and you may love that person dearly. Hence, don't be rash on that person for it will affect you two in the long run. If the lie cuts you too deep, then make the call and move ahead. But rationally judge the situation (and even yourself) and you will definitely be unburdened by it.


  1. Hi Auri!!!

    I really like a lot of everything you write and your selected videos, it's all very cool and different too, different cultures is very interesting and I appreciate it.

    Ah! I like the clouds in the layout of your blog, a very cool visual.

    I am very happy when you go to visit me, I would like to know more about Indian culture, to read more about customs, cuisine, habits, songs and activities of their culture, you could do a blog about it. You usually visit the Tajmahal ? If you have links about their culture you can leave there on my blog.

    Maybe one day you come on holiday in Brazil and know my country.

    I wish all the best with PEACE and LOVE!!!

    Have a happy weekend!!! :)

    God bless you!!!


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