Planning Something Special on Valentine's day?

It goes out without saying, this is one of those days when you really have the chance to impress upon your beloved. If you have been sorry about something (may be forgotten that birthday or missed out on that date), this is the best time to make a grand comeback. Valentine's day, unfortunately, has lost its true meaning in the maddening shitstorm called consumerism. However, if you are really planning to do something that will make your beloved feel special, then there are couple of things that you need to do.

And to all those who really despise the celebration of Valentine's day with Oh-I-hate-it-coz-Love-is-everyday, two words - Shove it. 

All right, so let's get down to the top 5 things YOU can do to make your Valentine's day, a li'l different.

Write a Letter
Undoudtedly, this is perhaps the best way you can make up for the lost time, by showing how much you love and respect that special person. Writing a letter is perhaps, a forgotten art. With e-mails and sms-es clogging up our lives, a simple hand-written letter can do wonders! Pen your thoughts, your gratitude, your hopes and your wishes in that letter. You can either give it to him/her in the morning right when the daylight breaks or when you are through with your date. 

Love painting
Write (even Sing!) a Poem/Song
Just a few words under the moonlight while you hold that hand, there can nothing be more romantic. If you are really shy of singing, well, you can just tell her about the wonderful dreams you have together. You need to make yourself really clear about what you feel. Get the drift?

What does she love?
The problem with bulk guys is - we just do everything at the 11th hour. So, if you are looking for that one awesome gift that will make her smile on that special day, start early! Teddy bears and chocolates just don't cut it anymore. 

Take her out to a place she hasn't been
Wherever you live, there is always that one place you haven't been to, yet. It may either because of the location that makes that place either too far or too "not-cool" for hangouts. But this day is about taking that time out, isn't it? After work, call her up to a designated spot and take her there. Riverside, Parks, a biking route, you will find plenty. Head over to wikitravel if you aren't quite sure. Personally, I'd prefer the riverside for the evening. 

Choose the right gift
I have heard guys going overboard with gifts. Some even gifting cellphones! Dude, don't! A sensible gift with flowers will do just fine. It's important to make her feel special. A cellphone, tonnes of gifts which she will not find any connection with, will only embarrass you in the long run! 

Importantly, here are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. 

Firstly, if you haven't been able to give her time, admit it and be sorry. 
Secondly, find more time for her. Nothing means more to her than you being on her side. 

Lastly, love her like there's no tomorrow. 

Have a happy Valentine's day!


  1. "Firstly, if you haven't been able to give her time, admit it and be sorry.
    Secondly, find more time for her. Nothing means more to her than you being on her side.
    Lastly, love her like there's no tomorrow."

    Falling in love with you will be so special itself. Beautiful. Perfect. PERFECT.

    P.S - I cried reading the last lines.


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