Those Eyes They Tell a Story Untold

It's cold now. Sunlight glistens through those faded window curtains on my face. The numbness of the weather finds its way slowly through me. I find you looking at me. The curtains gently coming up and kissing your face and somehow making you smile. I find your eyes trying to find an answer in me. And just then the clouds depart, making way for more light to come through.

The entire room is bright now. With nothing but you and I and a couple of blankets on the floor, there is no one else. I am at peace thinking about you and finding you right there in my arms. You come close. Gently putting aside your hair, you rest your head on my shoulders. I keep away the book that I am reading to breathe you in. You tug me with a gentle nudge and I soak in the warmth of your thoughts.

I am ready for our memories to flower. I am ready for thoughts to go numb. I am ready to sing another song, another moment. I am ready to live again, with you.

Your face rubs against mine. I close your eyes and embrace you. I remember our shared moments. I remember the times we laughed, we fought. I remembered the time you broke down and I didn't have anything else to do other than just being there beside you. I remembered the time I was upset and didn't want anyone to bother me, not even you. What a terrible mistake that was.

A flower vase by the window painting
Your laughter is like a thousand blossoming flowers
But it's all another story. For right now, we are together. We are miles away from sadness and really close to our future. We are together, for that one more moment. I pray for this moment to last a bit longer, but you know how prayers work, don't you?

I will be gone, like the moment that went by. I will be nothing else but just a memory for you when you don't find me with your eyes wide open.

Even though I will be gone, I shall be back quicker than the thoughts of sadness that hit you. I shall be back to find you in my arms. So keep that wonderful smile on your face, for in that smile lies my happiness. I want you to be happy wherever we are. I will come back to you, like the sunlight which showers us right now. And in that sunlight, the numbness shall be gone. 


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