They bring you the world. They make you what you are today. They are your parents. You may not notice it but they are nothing without you and neither can you be anything without them. I have seen people being sad despite having everything in their life, just because they couldn't share it with their parents.

Success is nothing if you don't have people to share it with.

There is a pre-conceived notion that parents are supposed to be nothing else but perfect. I have seen children complaining about their parents being away when their children needed them. Times they have surely changed. Children now a days are TV-taught. They learn about the world, not from their parents but from the TV, the Internet. Parents, on the other hand, when they find that they aren't able to "be" there for their children, splurge on their children.

Expensive bikes, latest t-shirts and tech-stuffs in a feeble attempt to replace the precious hug, the conversations. Hah!

Broken families are everywhere. You must have come across a single parent who is trying hard to be both a father and a mother and at the same time, thinking about making a successful career. Unfortunately, children today are simply vulnerable. They are exposed to the wonderful truth about the world at a very tender age. They feel that they are capable enough of handling their own  life but somehow, feel damn insecure about the path that they may have chosen.

Value Your Parents

No matter how effective you have been at solving a problem, a little guidance from mom/dad about the same can give you an insight that you yourself didn't think of. Parents have been there, done that. Sure, they may be a bit lagging on the technology front but they do have a whole gamut of experience you can treasure way after they are gone.

The essential point that I am trying to convey is one simple thing - Let's give our parents their due. They are slogging it out day and night just to see us through. Sure, they may not be there in the days we feel they ought to. But it's our job to ensure that we don't hurt them. In all probability, they also might be feeling hurt they missed out on their chance to bond with you, isn't it?

Your lover may leave you tomorrow, your friends and even your best one may do the same to you. But parents will leave you the day they breathe their last. I see so many stories of children throwing out their parents to old age homes. Not that I am trying to say that old age homes are a curse to the society and that all elders are sad while being in them. I am trying to say that this is one thing that can be avoided.

How you treat your parents will decide on how your children will treat you.

The world without either or both parents is a terrible place to grow up and survive. Try and make your parents smile as and when you get the time.They may fight with you, they may make you feel miserable at times. But deep down inside, they need you more than anything else in the world. 

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  1. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

    You have written this blog for the generation that is yet to grow. Someday they will understand the value of parents. Like we did after growing up.

    Lovely blog. Truly readable.


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