As You Went Away

3:06am It rains all night long. Between bouts of sleep, you hear the rain drops fall while they try hard to not wake you up. The wind quietly blows through the night as well, ruffling leaves of your garden trees. As you sleep, an entire world dances to a whole new song. The night is trying hard to stay back for a bit longer, trying hard to hide the nakedness of things. Yet, it lingers on with a defeated look on its face, knowing the inevitable that is about to happen in a little while.

3:27am The wind is slowly picking up. You curl up in the bed, look out of the window and see the curtains, trying hard to break-free. Day-light still hasn't come through to you and all you have right now is the faint sound of ruffling leaves and raindrops. A slight chill runs through your body and you feel goosebumps coming out. You fear the day is never going to break out, you fear that the night is going to break through you by staying for a bit too long.

3:44am Tired. Exhausted. Fearful. Your body isn't paying heed to your request. The occasional silence of the night is broken intermittently with a bird or two trying to signal the inevitable morning. Yet, they are too drowned in the everlasting night, just like your thoughts. You get up and try and walk it off. But it's just too early. And the pain in your eyes is unbearable enough to let you sleep. You give up fighting those thoughts and just let them rape you, one more time. Perhaps, the last time.

Human emotion is guided by the people around. Seldom do we put ourselves in the picture and freely walk on others' words and end up losing out on everyone, most importantly, ourselves. We are trying to be stronger every second but forget to focus on the enemy that lives nearby - inside. Occasionally, life gives us an opportunity to reassess our priorities. We are so taken aback by the revelations that we curse ourselves for not giving it the due thought they deserved long back.

3:53am The sky seems to have woken up. It slowly begins its arduous journey to see through another day. You now hope the night to stay on for a bit longer but there are things you don't have a control over. The sea of thoughts has gone red with the unflinching feeling of nothingness. You witness another day break, with no one else accompanying you other than insomnia. The world is blue now. And there are no sheets on the bed.

4:10am You hear the key turning, a door opening. You try and suppress the urge of stopping the one who is going away. The entire world is asleep while yours is about to turn upside down. You try and find a reason to go downstairs and wave a short good-bye. Just as you seem to think of things you hope to do, lights are switched off, and the door shuts. 

You are alone.

4:30am Rays are bursting through to the sky but they are yet to reach your world. The nakedness seem to vanish away with birds coming out. It's a special day for you.  A day when you suddenly are bestowed with the power to trudge on, fight another battle.

You gather your self and let the rays embrace you. You put on your shoes, and you run another mile.

Tired. Exhausted. Hopeful

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