Between Rage and Anger

Sometimes, all it takes is a word from someone else to crack you from within - disappointed. The raging anger searing in your bones begins to find its way upwards. A chill runs down your spine, you stiffen a bit and try and reason out your anger for that one last time. Yet, the anger that has laid dormant in you is unwilling. You bow your head and take a deep breath, ready for the storm to emerge out.

Rage. Pure unadulterated Rage.

You get possessed with unreasonable thoughts. Your breathing accelerates. Your fist tightens with every passing moment. Suddenly, you feel all your bad moments are somehow connected to each other and they give out one last conclusion which you find ridiculous, yet absolutely justified.

"Wish I was never born.."

The sweat is stifling you. You scream. You bang the walls, throw stuffs, scream your heart you and yet you find not a single comforting thought. They inside of you goes numb and you are annihilating everything in your path.

For a moment anger is justified.

picture of rage and anger
From bringing up old memories to the people who made them happen, anger is a very powerful emotion. It makes you lose your sense of what's right or wrong and completely takes you on a merry-go-round of sad thoughts.

Thanks to increasing challenges that we are facing today, anger it seems, has gained an upped hand. We often regret the decision taken during or after our fit of rage but there is just no turning back.

Never make promises when you are happy and decisions when you're pissed.

Anger against something is momentary and hence it has the power to create results that have far-reaching consequence. It has a positive side to it as well. Once, when you have successfully been able to turn it into rage, you will have done justice to your anger.

But that's not where most land up.

You get angry when someone doesn't understand, hurts you without any fault from your side or keeps at it. This makes you lose your calm and get angry on the other person.

Focus on the real reason behind that anger - it's You.

The entire world will have the power to anger you ONLY when you let yourself to. And who understands you better than yourself? 

I was enraged once. I did some really crazy things which could have been avoided. But the essential point I learned is that there's no point getting angry and losing it. There's a thing about passionate people that is rarely brought out in the newspapers, magazines or TV. You know what? They have been successful in taming their anger to the point of achieving balance. As a popular saying goes "Focus can only be achieved when you have found the fine line between anger and peace."

So, what do you do the next time something pisses you off?

Laugh it Off.

Remember to focus on the solution when a situation turns towards the negative. And trust me when I say this - There's always a solution. If you think you don't have a solution, you are bullshittin' yourself.

It's time for you to stop getting scared of doing something for your own good.

It's time to live. Quit merely surviving it.


  1. Mixed Emotions !
    worth read.

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  3. This all makes sense when one reads it without anger. But anger arise so suddenly. In a real situation there is no time to think, stop, and observe yourself and make yourself laugh. it can all happen in 30 second; anger, rage and calming down. Lucky is the person if he does not do any damage during that time! :) Sometimes right kind of anger is good and it get's people to go out and make changes (for better). And even if it's really true, that one must not make decisions when one is very angry, just sometimes anger might make u to do suddenly and fast (with all that power what anger brings) the needed action, what u have wanted to do, or needed to do a long time ago....
    Anger have showed to me, that we are all same, with same potential for good and for bad...we might be good people and have heart in the right place, but rage can arise in anyone, that possibility is there in everyone, like is also the possibility of love and to love. To see and understand that, helps to be more understanding, humble, and not so judging, even then when I don't understand and accept some people behavior or deeds.


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