When Expectation Costs You Happiness

You are busy making plans for the next day. For it's night now, and the whole world's asleep. You think about a number of things, how you can get your  life back. You bring up those scathing remarks that your loved ones told you. How they expected you to turn out a person they thought you to be and how you have disappointed them.

You sit up. You try and unsettle the sad thoughts that have clouded you like the darkness around. You try and peek out of the window. No one is willing to rescue you from the night.

The burden of expectation keeps getting heavier.

You are always running for others, aren't you? You got that job just to see your parents smile. You kept saving money to have  a dream home, a good car, a good retirement. You kept getting more degrees, certificates and somewhere along the line, the person behind the degrees got lost.

And then, between pleasing others and fulfilling their expectations, you died.

It's time the equation changed. 

A soothing wind blows. It ruffles the curtains and embraces you, your soul. You take a long deep breath. You get up, walk outside and look up. The monsoon night sky is dazzling with stares with clouds filling up slowly.

You close your eyes and become aware of everything around yourself. Arms wrapped, neck bent upwards, wind making that ruffling sound in your ears and a distant sound of train announcement. 
You are aware.
You are alive.

It's time to get your life back on track. it's time to forgive yourself for the crimes you were made to believe you committed. It's time to remove those who expect you make them happy at the cost of your happiness. 

If a person loves you unconditionally, then consider yourself to be the luckiest person alone. Expectations have a habit of killing happiness. Keep expectation out of the equation. You will start feeling light, feeling alive.

Remember, you ain't got no second chance.

Just. One. Life.


  1. Short. Crisp. Fantastic. Another great job done. :)

    I am impressed. Yet another time. :)

  2. Hey Aurindam...That was absolutely true....

  3. Really true what you have written here. But I believe that we too have expectations from others and specially from our loved ones. After all we are all human.

    Congratulations for being one of Blogadda's Spicy Saturday Pick. Go and check your entry on their site

    1. Thank you so so much! This is such an honor!

      Well, there are two kinds of expectations in life. 1. The simple ones (to keep us happy, be loved, be appreciated). 2. The materialistic ones (calling every other minute, spending money, so on and so forth.)

      It's the 2nd one that has been discussed here. =)

  4. Sigh. Expectations are the worst form of unhappiness.

    1. That's exactly we should choose what and from whom we expect. =)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, Pratik. Glad you liked it. Be sure to subscribe! =) May god bless you.

  6. Nice! Seriously, you almost said what has been hovering in my mind for the past few days.

    1. Thank you, Amit. It's a great feeling to see folks like you connecting with the post. Be sure to come back from time to time! =)

  7. Beautifully written. Practical, optimistic and gives you that kick. Loved this

    1. Thanks Sunny! Hope you will like my next post just like this one! Have a great time ahead!

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