Some Dreams are Better Left Broken

Dreams are the fastest route to Expectations.
Broken childhood friendship
In my fight with insomnia, sometimes I win too. However, when I am on the winning side, I am somewhere I have zero control on - my dreams. Sometimes they are vivid and sometimes they are down right stupid. Sometimes I find myself in a distorted past, where my school life and people from present keep bumping into me. I am hopelessly outnumbered and I can't even run away.

But dreams are what you make of them. Some wake up tired after a nightmare, others completely broken. However, there is one dream that surely makes one sad after it ends - a friendship. Friendship is a dream we all experience and yet no one can actually do much when they break.

It does hurt when you find some of your best friends getting married and you getting an update on Facebook. It really does hurt when you have your best friends wishing you on Facebook during your birthday.

But, it really shouldn't hurt you. Really.

You are born to be different. You are born to be loved. Friends grow up, some will leave. The idea is to make sure that your conscience is clear when a relationship ends. Nobody told you to not be harsh on a friend who forgot you on his/her best day. You can be harsh, you can also be rational. That's what is more important. Being rational enables you to find peace when you are desperately looking for it.

Fifty Shades Trilogy
Friendships don't take  forever to happen as well. Let me tell you something. I had a best friend of 13 years who got married recently. I was hurt when I got his update on Facebook. I didn't call him, didn't blast him anywhere. I merely dropped a message saying what I felt and rest, as they say, was history. I moved on. Yet, somehow, I wasn't able to come out of the shock. Was I over-reacting? May be and may be not. Here's why. 

When you have a friendship that old, you really tend to consider him/her as your family. This person was practically one. We had so many treasured moments, from cycle rides back home from school EVERYDAY for 4 years to providing each other with emotional support during and post numerous relationships. So, yes, when this person ignored me, I was terribly hurt. There is nothing wrong with that. 

It was like a dream during the entire friendship. But it's better to let it remain broken. 

Let's turn the coin now. Just like a good friend ignored me on his best day, a friend bordering stranger invited me to hers! We hadn't really caught up to each other during our post-grad days but our friendship blossomed after the course, on Facebook and then we found we were really cool buddies together. I am not sad anymore that my best friend forgot me, I am happy that I got a new best friend, possibly for life..

A broken dream doesn't matter when the reality you are about to face is far beautiful. That's the true path to discovering happiness now.


  1. That's probably why they say "let bygones be bygones..." Best of luck with your new found friendship. Hope it remains with you forever...

  2. Hi Auri!!!

    Thank you for your visit on my blog. I was very happy. Here in BRAZIL I watched a movie in cinema about INDIA and I remembered you.
    His writings are profound. On this post about friendship I think the following, I value those who value me, I do not know if I'm wrong, but life is too short to waste time and feelings with those who do not give us value and does not deserve, I think people who value a true friend does not hurt the other. I hope all is well with you in INDIA.

    Have a happy day!!! :)

    Greetings from BRAZIL :)

    Bye, bye

    BIA – BRASIL :)

  3. sometimes for some it isn't that easy to move on...well, its definitely a huge herculean task to come out of it as if nothing happened.atleast for me.but may be that's the way somethings have to be.meant to be.but i really wish there was a moment of distress or something worse signs of u know from the other side..whatver...but ur article just made a point that was in totality short & sweet...a bit brutal but still sweet.and chao chao for your new friendship.i dont trust facebook.tats private.but stil al the best !!!

  4. I found this post very touching because the same thing has happened to me once or twice. In fact nowadays, I get to know my cousins or distant relatives are getting engaged or married via Facebook. People no longer feel the need to call you up or let you know personally about these things. It's like find it on FB and attend the wedding kind of a thing.

    Like you said, when you have a friendship that old, you really believe that person to be like your family.

    But when I look back now, I also see that there are some stranger friends that I have engaged with on Facebook and Twitter, they are fast becoming like family now.

    It's never easy to forget your old friends but if they decide to move on without you, well, there's no point waiting or believing they want to be back in your life again and in a way, your life's better without them. Those who don't value you, just let them fly away from your heart's nest.

    1. Exactly. That's the essence, you see. Life's a journey and we are all time-travelers. Travelling at one minute per minute!

  5. I don't know if anyone can take another's place, but I'm sure they help fill the void. What you did was rational, sometimes it hurts. I'm glad if you genuinely can move on.


    1. I already have. =) Thank you so much for your wonderful comment!

  6. Who's the original artist of the picture in this article?


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