Happiness in a Small Package

A breeze typical to the sea blows through the road. I, along with a couple of friends, walk through the bustling sea-shore crowd in the evening. A crowd typical to the city makes the place suffocatingly intolearble. Yet somehow, the sound of waves crashing keep coming to my ears. I am eager to find a place to sit down, to contemplate on certain things that have been bothering me off late.

At the far end of the road, where streetlights and darkness seem to embrace each other, we all get a place to sit down.

I take a deep breath and let the sea breeze fill me up. I am neither in the yesterday where I had to meet deadlines nor in the tomorrow where the unknown deamons of uncertainty await. I am right there, at the moment, where I can either choose to be happy or to be sad.

A moment is inconsequential if you don't know how to be happy in it.

The clear star-lit night provides that perfect embrace of happiness that makes me come back to the place over and over again.

I have always felt a deep urge to ask a few questions to those who went away. Some went away after a fight while others just drifted apart. I have always wanted to ask them the real reason for the desertion. Are they happy now that they are away or do they feel like coming back? And if they somehow did want to come back, how would we get along from there on?

I have had the opportunity of making tonnes of friends all throughout my life. Some friends, especially the ones who shared my tiffin-box back in kindergarten made my childhood worth cherishing. Then there are those whose love and affection made me miss my school life. Even to this day, I often have dreams (nightmares?) of my school mates. Regardless to say, the day post that dream, is never a good one.

Why do friends leave?

You have had those moments when you promised eternal friendships. You have had those moments when you felt you ruled time. Yet, somehow, a friend leaves. Then another. And the story goes on..

Finally, when you are all grown up, running from pillar to post to lead a good life, you are struck with a feeling of merely having people who like your social updates and not those who'd really care whether you existed. That's a terrible feeling to have. 

When you see friends who have recently lost their best friends, you'd naturally be worried about your people, isn't it? I am glad that in that evening, I was with those people I really want to grow old with. These folks didn't really care who I was, how rich I was, they just appreciated me for one reason - I made them smile.

After a few songs, some of us pick up our footwear and walk till our feets are being kissed by the warm sea water.

I look up. The streetlights are well over 200 mts away and sea in front is merely singing away with the waves. Right there, the clear sky becomes even more brilliant.I have always said, the charm of the sea is on a full moon night with not a single soul anywhere. All you need to do is simply close your eyes and soak in the salty air while the waves dance in front of you and crash into each other that fills you up.

It's all about being happy, from the inside. When you are happy, people naturally find you and treasure you. There may be some who will leave, may be even without a reason. Your job is well cut out here. All you need to do is sit back and be a good person to be with. You don't need to focus on those leave. Treasure those who stay. That's the essence.

Friends talking to each other

Right then, a guy in our group starts to hum a tune that a friend composed. It was a quick getaway, but one that made its own unique mark.

Happiness. In a small tiny little package.


  1. Simply outstanding. This blog is truly a happiness in small package. :). Great job. Keep going.

  2. We keep moving in life so fast that when we realise that we hav moved very much we no longer hold our best frns in our hand..where as we have the capacity of going alone ! thats the ironic part.True frnds never go apart inspite of any difference and distance!
    indeed time spent with frnds is happiness in small package.:) it think all ur frnds must read this blog..

  3. I have a theory for the strange phenomenon of friends drifting apart with time. Age and the number of friends one has are inversely propostional to one another. As age increases, friends decrease. And true, happiness comes in small packages, only if it has Tag Heur written over it. Life's not a KJo tearjerker, its a thorough-bred b***h!

  4. Awesome read. You have a long way to go,man.

  5. this just made me smile..your blog name is sooo apt :D

  6. Nice,simple and heart touching...


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