Battling Frustration, One Smile At a Time

Life is a constant battle between anger and peace. You are under tremendous pressure from all quarters and yet you hope for all this to go away. But no! They keep coming back to you like moths to a flame. You run, fumble from one problem to another and by the time you realize that life happened, you are too late. 

More than losing the battle, it's about the losing the people you love, isn't it? You constantly, willingly, happily give up your little pleasures just to see them happy, just to see them a bit more comfortable, and yet no one returns your favor. There must have been times when you questioned yourself as to why you did this to yourself for the sake of others?

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Trust me, I have too.

For as long I remember, I wanted to give up my life and go somewhere obscure. Back then, I didn't have more than two people whom I could truly call my own. It was more like a destiny for me. And for a guy who has always loved/preferred loneliness, the plan did fit quite well.

But this isn't the true path to happiness.

Happiness grows when you  spread it. If you are adjusting a bit for others, remember, all these good deeds will come back to you. When? Don't know. But, that's how surprises are made, aren't they? 

There will be times when you would feel like bursting. But remember, the person on the other end is someone you love. Till the time that person doesn't put a dent in your self-respect, always find reasons to forgive that person.

Think about the good moments you have spent with that person on whom you are so pissed right now. You will find that one reason to give that person, another chance.

No one can be angry and happy at the same time. However, a person can be happy if he/she is peaceful. Smile at a stranger, make an old friend happy; surprise your grandparents; gift someone; you will definitely bring happiness to yourself and to others. 

And as far as my future plans are concerned, I am in a relationship. :)


  1. :) :) :) :) :). I want to know when exactly you wrote this piece. I can smell something somewhere. :).

    One of your best pieces. Loved every letter of it. Nothing less. And I read "One Smile At a Time"....Aweverysome.

  2. hey...mixed feeling..
    but a smile and suspense like at the end..:)
    so congrates buddy :P


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