Are Regrets Necessary?

"What if ..."

A blackboard with WHAT IF written on it

You slogged it out in the office. You have had a tough day. All you are looking forward to is may be a bath and then hitting the sack. You suffer through the traffic, get back home, talk to a few people on your way back over the phone, your fingers itching to hit the disconnect button. You loosen the tie, wipe off the early summer sweat and finally hit the doorbell. 

The final flight of stairs seem like a challenge too magnamious. Yet, you walk on. You are irritated with "life". The frustration shows up in the way you untie, unbutton, unzip. You are only minutes away from hitting the shower knob. You thought to sit down for a minute to cool off. 

That's exactly when the world of "What if" hits you.

That world is a deep, mysterious place where time ceases to exist. Wherever you are, you are seamingly pushed into that world. May be it was because of someone posting about something that you couldn't become. You begin thinking.

What if you had a bit more money to begin with; what if you had a better job; what if you pursued your dreams instead of giving in to your mom and dad..

The closed room is stifling your thoughts. You look up. You forgot to turn on the fan. Heck you even forgot to turn on the lights. Wiping the sweat from your neck, you drag yourself to the window and open it. The warm gust disappoints you. Again. 

You turn on the lights, switch on the fan, look around. Searching for nothing, yet looking...

You sit down again. Somehow, the world of What If made you smile, helped you get away from everything. Someone calls you from outside. You don't even get  the time to yourself. You get up and rush through the chores and hit the dinner table. Few awkward moments later, you are back to your room, checking your mail, Facebook and Twitter. 

You feel tired. You shut the PC. You hit the bed. That's when sleeps leaves you. 


People who talk endlessly about living with zero regrets or having none to begin with, are probably shitting themselves outright. Regrets are a necessary evil. When you have regrets, you work consciously towards ensuring you don't screw up further. However, too much delving into your past, into the world of What Ifs may be detrimental to your sanity!

Relax. You can never screw yourself that badly. LIfe always gives you chances to bounce back, achieve something nobody expected you to. Find something that you truly enjoy and stick with it. 

If you had to give up your dream, then one way to quit regretting is by planning. When you plan, you actually boost your chances to quit the life that you are surviving and get the life that you'd truly LIVE. 

Remember, you are your own personal hero. Cheers!



  1. Words are falling short.......


    Realistic. Simple and.......FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL. It's out of the world. AWE VERY SOME.

  2. Thanks, this is great. =))) Something I've needed to read.

  3. Quite frustrating because it talks about the truth! Loved the way you have depicted the sufferings and reminded us not to lose hope. Great one :)

  4. Regret.. this is not a choice. you either feel regret or u don't. For those who r not used to defining their emotions, regret is that heavy feeling in your chest when u realize that you shouldn't have performed the particular action that is making u feel dis way. So don't ignore it, instead try and understand it. you will learn something. Carry the lesson with you and leave behind the regret once you understand it.
    this has always worked for me :) .


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