Are You Worthy of Trust?

You and I are walking down a cold, dark alley. Not a single soul is around for miles on either side and the moon is shining down brightly to illuminate your benign face. Surrounding us are tall trees welcoming us to their home. We walk till a small opening. The moon looks so beautiful on your face. You are right there, smiling oh-so-perfectly at me. 

I draw you closer, feeling your breath for the umpteenth time. Everytime you touch me I am in heaven. I embrace you, it's as if I am embracing my own self. I don't see my self any different than I see you. I fall in love over again.

You take my hand, press it against yours and look at me. I can see the moon through your eyes, and the sheer love in them for me. I feel blessed to have a person like you, so beautiful, so serene. Every time you smile at me and ask what is it, I go deeper within you. 

Is this a dream? 

I ask myself over and over again. We begin walking again. Stars have filled up the night sky. Sweet gentle breeze kisses your hair and for a moment I am jealous. I want to be in this moment for a long time, probably, forever. Yet I can't, for I don't know why.

You suddenly let go off my hand. You don't look at me. At first I think it's another of your silly prank. You begin distancing yourself from me. For a moment, I can make out that sole tear drop falling from your eyes. Yet, I am unsure. I am too stunned to move, to react.

Distance between us becomes greater. You leave a trail of memories for me to catch up. Yet I am too tired to begin the arduous journey of reaching out to you. But I have to..
You leave me all alone, when I trusted you to do otherwise. 

The Other Side of The Coin

You are bound to be hurt at some point of time in life. Even if you love someone more than yourself, make that  person you world, embrace him/her with all his/her faults, that may not be enough. When that relationship ends, you may feel alone, you may build walls, but you won't be happy.

That's the magic that life is trying to teach you.

Those who trust others, may end up hurt. But the important thing is to not let that pull you down. This is what I have for all those have "vowed" to never trust again - 

Consider two people. The person A trusts many, loves those who make him/her happy. But that person is also terribly hurt every now and then when someone stabs him/her. The person B on the other hand doesn't trust anyone. He/she is totally guarded about himself/herself. As a result, he/she doesn't have people to think about him/her. Now imagine them on their death bed. 

They say when a person dies, his/her whole life flashes in front of his/her eyes.

Who do you think will die with regret


  1. Wow! Wow! Splendid! magical! Beautiful! Lovely! Celestial!

    Congratulations for another big hit! :)

    Waiting for the next.

  2. But the roles keep on changing, maybe A trusts B but maybe A has not responded to trust shown by C. We all give and take in life. If someone claims to be only giver or receiver, s/he has not lived long enough!!


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