The Adventure of Emotions

It drizzles somewhat in the evening. Sam rushes past his office work to head home. The first day of the year, a Sunday. He couldn't curse himself. He always wanted to be an editor. His parents were waiting for their son to head home quickly today to have a quiet family dinner. They haven't had the chance for so long. After all, their son rarely arrived before 3am.

He was given an early off. His boss thought to take pity on him. Sam was out of the office before dusk and dinner was still some time away. He decided to savor the city and remember few things he'd so desperately wanted otherwise.

The first day of the year has never been this cloudy. It was a tad  bit windy. It was as if autumn had come back to ask winter when she would be going away. He loosened his tie, walked to the nearest park and sat on a bench at an obscure corner. Elbows touching the knees, hands clasped, head down, for a moment it looked as if he was praying. He looked up. Stars weren't shining yet. His finances were barely keeping him afloat.

A tear is too less to create petrichor.

And then it was time. Amidst a maddening life, he had somehow managed to not only stop, but rewind time.

Trisha had been in his mind for just long enough. She had come and gone from his life just as swiftly as that sole tear drop had fallen away into oblivion. She was everything he wanted in a woman - sauve, beautiful, full of life. Yet, throughout college, he couldn't muster enough courage to propose her. A boys-only school has its own disadvantages.

Did he saw a flash from the corner of his eyes? Storm was gathering and the sky had turned red. He, amidst her thoughts, found himsef smiling for reasons unknown.

After college, they had drifted apart. As the days went by, fewer sms-es were exchanged and soon days turned to weeks and months. He jumped into his career and oddly, forgot about her. She was into a relationship after all..

A whole year passed. He was now slogging it out day and night in a studio, searching for that next big piece of news. The phone vibrated but he was too busy to write a piece he hated - Gossip.

During the coffee break that day, he happened to recollect about his phone and took it out. He expected a couple of sms-es from his mom asking her son when he would be back. Instead, he got a shocker. Trisha wanted to meet him this holiday, for a night out with another common friend.

What stuck him was she not mentioning her boyfriend in the whole discussion.

A storm was brewing..

The city was still getting accustomed to the eerily late winter and the cold rain gave it the awkwardness of a stranger asking you for the a station. Sam felt the urge of a body whose soul was buried six feet under. He had to rush home.

The transit was a bit crowded. May be there were many people eager to get back home to bypass the awful weather, to spend some time with their near ones. His home was still some time away. His mind wandered off..

Back during the holiday, he kept thinking about the words that Trisha had mentioned. He was excited, intrigued, happy. He felt like calling her up and asking the tonnes of questions that were surging within: Why did she go away? Where was she all this while? How was she? He forgot the number of times he read that one sms.

On the day of their meet up, Sam called her up to confirm about the evening. She picked up. Her voice hadn't changed one bit, her way of talking was still the same. It was as if he had turned back time with that one phone call. There was a smile on his face.

He dressed nothing different that day. After all, he didn't get the chance to shop for the festival. But that was OK, for everyone knew Sam was a busy person. 

Amidst the maddening crowd, amidst the rushing traffic, his eyes searched for that one person, for happiness. He arrived an hour early, just to feel the happiness of anticipation.

And there she was...

A busy street, perfect for the adventure of emotions
He hadn't been this happy since a long time. Throughout the evening, they held hands from time to time, sometimes laughing, cracking jokes on how they had put on weight. The cityscape never looked this beautiful and full of life like it was that night.

The world seems a happier place with the right person.

Questions sill raged in his mind. He got his chance. After they had gotten over with the visits to their favorite places, they sat in their favorite coffee bar. 

He finally got the chance to see her, observe her. They talked about work, how she was struggling to find one. She enquired about his parents and so on. After they were done with the questions, Sam approached her about her boy friend, the guy whom she was seeing for the past two years..

At first she didn't reply, kept tapping away her phone. He repeated his question - Where was Ryan?

She broke down.

For the next hour, she told him everything. How Ryan had gotten busy with work and kept ignoring her calls during the day. How he constantly asked her to look for a job and how much she was frustrated with not seeing him enough. She said she was sorry that she had to make the call as it was too much for her to create problems for him, everyday. 

Sam was listening intently. He thought about her, he cared about her. He wanted to help her. But he just didn't know how to stop those tears..He was feeling miserable.

Thank God! The awkward moment came to an abrupt halt when Trisha's elder brother called her up to enquire about her. That gave a good window for Sam to change the topic. He did good.

During the time she was on her call, Sam reminisced how beautiful she had become. He remembered how he loved her eyes, her lips and how many times he had deliberated on telling her everything he felt for her. Their friendship took a turn for the better. 

He began taking his job with a renewed vigor. He was happy. After all, he had finally found someone who wanted him to be there by her side. He gladly returned the favor. He was happy to experience this miracle.

But miracles don't last forever..

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  1. Beautiful. i am in love with your blog. Miracles don't quite last forever but who knows....

    Some surely do right? Given it a thought?

    Overall, a wonder yet another time.


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