Miracles ain't Forever

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Calls soon became a daily affair. There wasn't a single day when Sam and Trisha didn't have a talk. They laughed, talked about the future and the person they want to spend their lives with. Sam was getting hopeful. After all, he was a human being. Even though Ryan and him were good friends in college, they hardly exchanged number after it was over.

But Ryan wasn't the person he thought about all day long, it was Trisha.

They met a couple of times after that day. They visited the places where they shared memories. They even visited their college just to check how much it had changed. In the mean time Sam helped Trisha in getting interviews.

But somewhere deep down, he saw that she wasn't as interested in getting the job as he thought her to be. She never followed up after the interviews. But he wasn't giving these thought any importance either. For it was all about making life of Trisha, comfortable.

They never discussed about Ryan again.

He began asking her out on dates. Sometimes it was the movies, sometimes it was a walk down the Lake road. And he made it absolutely clear to her that he was interested in her. What made him really happy was her asknowledging these 'signals' and coming over to meet him time and again.

He had made a plan to propose her after she got back from her trip abroad. He knew that after the holiday trip, Trisha would naturally be happy, thus cementing his chances. He soon began spending sleepless nights, thinking about the words that he would have to speak. He ran the conversation a thousand different times and in a thousand different ways. 

On the day Trisha got back, Sam just planned to let her rest. He called her up the next day, it went unanswered. "She must be tired with the Jet lag," he thought.

We often anticipate things we want to anticipate. However, things are never our way!

His phone buzzed with a message after office the next day. It  was Trisha
"Hey! Been busy lately! Trip was fine. Tkcr. Bye!"

Trisha had never written a "Bye" in her smses before. What was wrong with her? Did he do anything to make her behave like this? Was he too quick? Questions began troubling his mind again. Between seeing their pictures together on his brand new Samsung phone which he bought to capture more pictures of these moments and smses that they exchanged off late, he remembered the college days.

How he wished times to be simpler...just like College days.

After about a fortnight, he bumped into his old classmate, Patrick. They were the closest pals in the whole class. And when old friends meet, time loses its significance.

No matter how tensed up we are, no matter how bad things are, whenever an old friend meets, smile galore!

Patrick had been out of touch after college. Thanks to his relative, he was a PRO of a 5-star hotel. They chatted about a lot of things. Soon the conversation veered towards friends, and their relationships. Before Sam could finish giving his updates, Patrick butted in, saying how he was surprised to hear Trisha's break up and her new boyfriend, a guy who happened to be a person they both disliked in college.

Sam at first didn't understand the magnanimity of the words. Soon, he began responding less and thinking more. Rage was building within him. He wanted to scream and yet he had to smile. He couldn't take it anymore.

He ended the conversation abruptly saying he had an appointment. They exchanged numbers and he thanked Patrick for the wonderful surprise and went away.

Thoughts, they have their own sweet way of coming and going.

He took a cab, a hot dog from a nearby stall and asked the driver to take him to riverside. Soon the cab began its journey and Sam began hoping for some sort of miracle.

miracle that would make him smile, perhaps with the anticipation that his love would come back to him' A miracle that would free him from the immense sadness; a miracle that would turn back time; Well...almost.

An evening by the river is sometimes needed

When he reached the river-side, he called his long time best-friend Suzanne and let go off the pent up anger within. Suzanne always had time for her childhood buddy. Even though she was married, had a kid and a busy life, she always had time for a true friend.

After about an hour, after knowing all what had happened recently in Sam's life, Suzanne told him something that instantly brought hope in his eyes - not the hope of getting back his girl, but the hope of freeing away from the sadness.

She gave him Ryan's number and asked Sam talk to the guy. She was Ryan's ex-colleague before she left her job for pregnancy.

Sam called Ryan. After a few days he came to know why and how Ryan and Trisha parted ways. He told everything he had to tell to Ryan, about what happened during holidays, about his feelings.

A lifelong friendship was born. Miracle just happened.


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  1. :).
    "Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow!" - Steve Jobs

    :). You have a gift within you, that you beautifully bring out through these blogs. Loved it!

    :). Keep writing.

  2. It was really a beautiful story. As it went on, I could imagine the characters in my head. With every scene passing, I could draw its picture.
    REally, you should try writing a novel.
    Glad that I visited your blog. :)


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