Discovering the True Essence of Love

“When you love someone, you’ll do anything, you’ll do all the crazy things, that you can’t explain..”
-          Bryan Adams

I have always pondered about this simple little question. Pondered over this question on my way back from office, pondered over this simple question when I stood at the edge of the road and watched the world go by. Love is such as beautiful word. Love happens when we find our inner reflection is somebody’s eyes. I am a person who strongly believes in love at first sight.

All through our lives, we are in constant search of that one person who will keep us happy 24x7. Love can do just that, and even more. We begin to find life in everything, the leaves when they dance in the rain, to the water which shimmers with the morning light. Everything. The moment you’ll find that one person, my god! You’ll know. In love, we begin watching and perceiving the world through the eyes of our loved ones.

It is like he/she is able to fill that void in your life with all love and happiness.

This brings me to the second part of the topic.

I have a simple way of understanding love. To me, love and trust are the foundation stones of any relationship. With love comes trust. With trust comes love. In these mad times, love has become materialistic. Love is a word which has now been molested off its true meaning. And this bothers me.

This is my sixth year in social networking. I just noticed, I haven’t seen a success story yet. Everything, it seems, is perfect for a couple of months and then suddenly, things start to take a turn towards the worse.

Where do most people commit the fundamental mistake? When do they hammer the first nail in the coffin? Is it when a person becomes over-possessive about the other? Or, is it when one begins to expect too much out the other which he/she can’t afford?

The answer is somewhere else.

It is when one begins to think, “I am in a relationship” and stops thinking, “I am in love.’ This is when it all begins – the first nail in the coffin.

Love is a beautiful feeling. It can make even the darkest of nights beautiful. It is when you start comparing the darkness of the night to your beloved’s hair on your face. It is when you compare the vast horizon with your beloved’s smile, it is when you begin to think of that person before you think about yourself. Love makes us complete, by filling the void of incompleteness.

Love is being in heaven. Period.


  1. I cannot express how much of this I life till my school life hadn't been what I'd call a bed of lost his job during my class was working and hence was managing the finances..things at home wernt particularly great..throughout my childhood I had imagined that I was being looked after by some imaginary childhood games would be centered around him..while I went on school trips I would imagine that he was by my side and was taking care of me..this went on till my first year of collg life..this imaginary person had been the only one apart from my mom and dad whom I would secretly share all my feelings with..i didn't talk to myself..but in my mind I thought he was listening while I was thinking my thoughts out..getting into college was no less than a miracle..a story fr another day..throughout my life in school I had knwn very limited people..i didn't knw what the outer world was like because I was kept in a very protected environment and so I thought I needed this imaginary college I made friends..and so frustrated with life I was inside that I wanted to do something I had never thought I was capable of..lying and going away..on a trip..with my seniors.,and then my whole life changed..for the better or for the worse, I cnt say...I was in a bus..i knew only two seniors..the rest was a hostel group..i was in a bus..wanted to sit with one of the girls I knew so I called her..she wsnt paying attention and I was bored..then I saw a guy who was going along with us and I asked him to sit here and we could try a game I knw..Pictionary..its a version of dumb charades where you draw and ask the other person to guess..he came to my seat and sat down..and placed his one arm around my shoulders..thats when it happened..i felt a chill go through my body shaking my very core and I looked into his heart beat stopped right there..his eyes were exactly my dad's..i didn't know this guy..but then I felt ive known him forever..that touch was something I had been longing for..his eyes spelled out innocence..something I could very well relate to..he was the most beautiful guy I had laid my eyes on..atleast fr wsnt that he was handsome..he was pure..and I thought he felt the same way..atleast that's what I had hoped..we talked..and talked..for an hour I guess..i tlked to him like a kinder garden kid...and he seemed to understand so well..gasp at the right places..laughing at the right places..soothing me...comforting me..i felt like a very small kid who just found a best friend in whom he had met a minute ago..i won't be able to share the rest of the is very painful..and I never want to remember it..i happen to waste two of my college years because of him for no fault of his..because I fell in love with him..i dnt knw him anymore..i dnt and can never have him anymore..when my life got back on track..i met someone else whom I am with currently who loves me soo dearly and does everything keeping our future in mind..i love him..a love that can be explained..because he cares..sso much! but I dnt feel that kiddish love fr him..a love that knows no bounderies

  2. you have no idea how much I can relate with what you said about feels you still dnt knw the truth behind what you have said because you havnt experienced that exactly love feels..soo many people on soo many blogs write about how true love is..and they all claim they know..i happen to be one of idea how true the other people's love was..but all il say for now when you realize dnt believe in anything else..lets say you stop believing in science and religion..all that matters is your heart is brimming with happiness and there's no wish to know about anything don't even need to be with that person all the time..the memories are enough to charge you..but this is true only till there is hope of getting that loved one..when you lose that hope, life is in shambles because you believe that no one but that person is capable of correcting everything wrong about you and your make an imperfect person look and feel perfect.

  3. I just came to your post and reading above thing it is very impressive me and it is very nice blog. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  4. Some people say that platonic love is not possible--- for instance, Lady Chatterley strongly believed that u cannot be alive with the mind alone, u also need to be alive physically (that's what I can understand). The inter-relation between love and lust had always provided food for my thought (ever since I was old enough to understand the complexities of human psychology). E L James' book (50 shades of grey) perhaps opens a window to the world of lust ( lust that perhaps emerges from purely physical desire and craving and not from pure love and respect for each other). But the love story of Radha-Krishna glorifies platonic love (based on the ideal of "bhakti"). So what should true love glorify---- love that unites the soul or something with the satisfaction of carnal desire as its ultimate goal?


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