That One Friend

How many friends do you have? No, really. How many friends do you have? 100? 200? How many of them are there whenever you need them?

The person you think is your friend will be there for you at any time of the day. However, if he/she is not the one whom you can call whenever you feel like, that person isn't your friend. If the person misunderstands you when you need him/her the most, then clearly that person isn't your friend. If that person calls you only on your birthday, that person isn't your friend.

Well, now that we are done with some sifting, how many friends do you have now?

About 50? Great! Let's move ahead.

What about true friends? How many true friends do you have in your life? Rather, let me put it this way, how many best friends do you have? Those who know your deepest darkest fears, those who know when you are sad, even when you don't even know it yourself? 

All you need is that one friend
That's the friend you need to have!

That one friend would fight for you, even when you have lost all your hope. That one friend would be the sunshine you'd seek in your darkest days, ready to make you smile whenever you least expect. That one friend would be the song you'd sing while walking down the seashore. That one friend would be highest high, but never the lowest low.

All throughout our childhood, we used to boast about the number of friends that we had. However, as we grew up, it's the quality that mattered, not the quantity. Having 1836 friends in your phone isn't something that you'd boast about now. It's the handful, or less, folks who call you time and again that really make the difference. 

A best friend is like the song you'd like to hum when you are dancing in the rain. That one friend is like a freshly brewed coffee on a winter morning. Just what you need.

All you need is that one friend to hear you out, even without uttering it. Just the two of you walking and letting the walk speak for itself.

We all drop in and out of relationships but at the end of the day, we are all searching for that one friend in that relationship. May be that spouse, may be that lover. The world will be jealous of you two. The world will try to break you apart. A seemingly innocuous fault from either of the two of you can/will be poked until the relationship bleeds.

But that true friend won't cry of pain, won't cry of hurt. He/she will let you take the important call. Friendships break too. If you have lost a friend of years, I am so sorry for you. But remember, you are not alone. There are far too many less fortunate ones who haven't had the chance to feel the joys of friendship. 

What are the joys of friendship? It's not in going to expensive pubs and discs but in sharing a warm cup from that stall down the road. It's not in showing off each other's stuff but in sharing your stuffs happily. 

It's about hitting the road and not looking back. Friendships, as they say, is a wonderful feeling. 

And that one friend, is love personified.


  1.''s.....ummm.....wait a moment..let me wipe away the the tears.....
    ...ok....PERFECT. :).

    Love. (personified). :)

  2. All you need is that one friend to hear you out, even without uttering it... Beautiful!

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  4. This post of yours brings out the true meaning of friendship..friendship that we can treasure throughout our life.
    It reminds me of our university days - those adda sessions, bunking classes and laughing out loud on stupid jokes.
    Very well written...LOVED IT! :):)


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