So, What's Your Resolution?

Another list, another resolution, for it's another year altogether. Every year, we sit down to create a list of all the things that we aspire to achieve the next year - may be lose weight, may be to quit smoking. But they seldom last a week, just like the new year's fad.

So, what's your resolution for the coming year? Here are few of my suggestions -

Get a Life! Really!

We are so connected these days, aren't we? Smartphones, social networks have made us the Sherlocks we have always wanted to become. We know where our friends are, we know which movie they saw last night, and with whom. We ponder on the things we should really do the least. So, this new year, resolve to get a life. Shut down and listen to what you really want in life!

Take a Long Holiday!

If you are a guy, then it's time to hit the road to a destination you haven't been to. If you are a girl, then make sure to do something that others would never encourage you to do. Like what? Sky diving, river rafting, and a countless other stuff. Challenge yourself and explore the unknown!


I often hear about many buying/gifting themselves premium gym memberships worth hundreds of dollars which they seldom use after a couple of weeks. It's time to earn some happiness. Give away your old stuff. Be happy by making others happy.

Be Truthful to Yourself
Friends talking over new year resolutions
Perhaps the biggest among the lot. Nothing hurts more than lying to yourself. The more you lie to yourself, the more you lose your self respect. For instance, if you revive a dead relationship, just because you think it's for the good, then don't.

Often, we lose out on life because we consider others' happiness more than we consider our self-respect. It's high time you stood up and did what fit you the best.

Learn Something

No matter where you stand, you can always learn something. Even a billionaire on his death bed regretted he never got a chance to learn enough languages. Learn something which has got absolutely nothing to do with your day-to-day lifestyle. You'd love it!


Not your office desk, but your life. Prioritize the people who will be there for you in the future. Prioritize your job only till it is at the doorstep. Give time to those who love you. That's the way happiness can truly be savored.

Take good care of your health because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Have a happy new year!

May god bless you and your wonderful family! Cheers!


  1. A lot to learn from your blog. As always. :)

    We forget to think about ourselves. We let it all be. We let things go on without doing anything about it.

    There comes a time when we need to change. Change things. :)

    Loved it.:)

  2. Very encouraging posting for me. More to come please....Thank YOU!

  3. Thank you so much! Your comments are as encouraging for me as my posts are for you! Do keep them coming!

  4. nice wonder how many wishes are fulfilled by the end of an year...rather most of the resolutions are lost mid-way of an year..


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