Why We Cry

Everyone cries at some point of time.

When you are born, when you are sad, hurt or even happy. The reasons for crying varies from one person to another. A mom cries when her child is hurt, she cries when no one understands her. A father cries when his child points at him and tells him that he is a bad father. A daughter cries when her parents demean her in front of everyone else. A son cries his when his parents hate him without understanding him in the first place. A friend cries when another misunderstand him. A lover cries when his trust is broken.

The cry that's really worth it is when we are happy..too happy, that is. Oh! There is a video which epitomizes this!

A cry is something really precious and shouldn't happen just like that. Someone told me that she cries when the anger within is too much to vent out. All I have to say is this -

When we cry, we value others more and we devalue ourselves even further.

If a person is the reason for your cry, then you'd rather not cry in the first place. The true value of a person is how he stops you from crying and how he/she becomes the reason for you to stop crying..and becomes a reason to be happy.

I don't remember the last time I cried for someone. May be because nobody from those I love, left me. But that doesn't mean I have been too efficient in finding the right people in my life. I have been through relationships, through deep friendships, ones which ended in a horrible way. But at the end of that day, when I finally got some time alone, I was about to cry, someone close came up to me and said, "No matter how important they are/were to you, now that they are the reason for you to be sad, they are the reason for your anger too. Think about it."

 And since then, those who have been my reason to be sad, have been my reason to be angry too!

Your tears are too precious. You need to value them the most. When you cry due to someone else, whom you thought is/was close to you, then you need to first stop and think about something. Did that person consider you to be equally special?

When people think of each other specially, they try and be the reason of happiness for each other. They swiftly dispel any miscommunication between them, not ignite it further by bringing their egos between them.

So, the next time someone hurts you, leaves you and you feel you are alone in this whole wide world, remember, that person is the last one to deserve your precious tears.


  1. "So, the next time someone hurts you, leaves you and you feel you are alone in this whole wide world, remember, that person is the last one to deserve your precious tears."

    This post is as precious to me as the tear drops.

    That's all i can say.

    Loved it Mr. Mukherjee.

  2. Nice Blog.. My feelings again :)

  3. But when you feel like crying, you should. It releases the burden. It makes you feel light. It's ok. It's normal.
    The only thing you can do is not to get too attached in the first place. In case you succeed in doing that, you won't feel the need to cry.

  4. Reminds me of a doha of St. Kabir. He says, when we were born the world laughed and we cried, die doing deeds such that you laugh and the world behind you is moves to tears!

    Good post!

  5. I loved the last part...at least make me feel a bit better for now...he dont deserve my tears...my tears are too precious for him.

  6. Dear Anoynymous, please feel free to publish your name. =)


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