Alone. Cold. Scared

What's it like to wake up in the middle of the night because of a dream you so desperately didn't want to see..alone? 

Fate asks for attention just like a faint glint of light coming in through the ventilation  demands. And that too in a room with closed doors and windows.


Alone. Cold and Scared.
Alone. Cold and Scared.
When are you really alone? Is it when you remember everyone's birthday and no one remembers yours? Or is it when you try your soul out to make others happy and they are the ones who end up disappointed in you?

You think you are alone when you scroll through the names in your phonebook and find no one to talk to. Suddenly, life gives you answers you find difficult to decipher and you wish till the very end for that one day to disappear, possibly forever. Even if you manage to call up someone, the call just goes on unanswered, or worse, dropped. 

You have time. They don't.


I never found the coldness of winter to be bothering enough. What has got me bothered is the coldness of so-called people. Sometimes, days are like walking in a graveyard. There is beauty, and then there is sadness as well. A falling dew drop looks beautiful from a leaf as it reflects the light of the full moon. Yet you are still walking among corpses. Living corpses.

You desperately look for a shelter as it begins to snow. You end up finding a with a broken roof.


You have ruins in your hands when you are running scared. You are scared of facing upto certain truth. Inevitable ones at that. Being scared is a trait that we all would love to part with. Unfortunately, our hands are tied and the other end of the rope is with someone, somewhere. Some of the unfortunate ones take to religion, which cashes in on nothing else but our fears.

Some of us are alone, some cold, some scared, others have something of others and yet somehow we never seem to acknowledge that. 

A journey, no matter how long, begins with a single step. Embrace your faults. Work on them. 

If you are alone, admit it. Try and be the north star to someone else. If you are cold, then remember, you have the fire within yourself too.

If you are scared, remember, we all are


  1. Alone.Cold.Scared.


    I am at complete loss of words. Your blogs have this inevitable power to make people realize what they feel in their subconscious.

    Thank You.

  2. If you are scared, remember, we all are...
    Just One Word ~ Awesome!!!
    Your writing have that pleasing factor which makes it reader a protagonist... and that's what I love in your blog..

    Keep it Up =)

  3. Lovely read... and always good to see a Vimeo share up at the top!

    Keep writing!

  4. Ahh...I agree with feels as if u r directly conversing with ur reader.
    Simple yet a powerful write up i'd say for somewhere in our hearts, amidst all the crowd, glitz and warmth v all r alone, cold and scared!


  5. Debjyoti Bardhan11 October 2011 at 05:35

    Just one word: WOW!!

    There is warm melancholy and a hint of charming nihilism spiced up by a dash of hope! Wonderful mix and a brilliant read. You just made my evening sullen, but that was the whole point of the piece.

  6. Very nice read. Well written..:)Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Auri!!!
    You can not imagine how happy I am with your visit, missed you, thank you for reminding me I always remember you and appreciate their culture.
    The video is thrilling and well written text and its sensitive as always.
    God bless you!!!
    Have a nice day!!!
    Bia :)

  8. Very well written ....loved reading it ..a fine observation :) Keep writing :)

  9. I read this again and again! This is a total motivational blog for a lost spirit. All these times I am looking for writings like this and alas I got one! You got me on my feet my friend, and you fueled me once more to keep pacing on... I am alone, cold and scared sometimes, I must admit on that, and wandering through the inspiring minds of people like you keep me going for the better!

  10. Last line is so awesome....likes overall article.


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