The Fall and the Arduous Rise

There are many who often brag about how great people have gotten back up after a fall. What's even more amazing is that none of them tell you how to cope up with the fall. They just project you as a weakling if you aren't able to get back up after that fall.

Who doesn't like getting back up after a fall? The answer is - we all do. Those who don't get back up either don't know how or are under tremendous not to. We have a fighter in all of us. Everyone.

Falling man has no one for support.
Falling man has no one for support.
There is a limit up to which anyone can rake in failure. No one tells you what you need to do in order to reverse the fall, no one asks you on whether you are hurt. Everyone wants you to get up and run. Get up and smile. And it only worsens the matter. 

What's it like falling? What's it like to fall, where success was so sure? 

You feel like taking everything from the inside and throwing it all away, you can't stop those happy thoughts from finding a way out of you. You become irritated when you aren't able to find anyone to sit beside you and just be. You wish so much that the world forgets you. Period

Everyone wants you to get up and run. Everyone wants you to smile.
It's as if you have lost the right... to even be sad, let alone smile.

You begin to blame someone as you fall. You blame your friends for your current predicament. You even blame your parents for bringing you to this world. That won't solve anything now, would it? Quit Blaming.

As you fall head first in the abyss of darkness, you do everything to keep "those" thoughts away. You begin listening to loud music. Probably, you even try and find a happier solitude in drugs. But, they don't really help either after a certain point of time. Damn

There is no way you can confide into someone. What if that person uses it against you 3-4 years later on? With friendships and so-called relationships taking a beating, you can trust no one. So, you decide and take shelter in one of many masks lying around. You are happy, again! If only..

When you are finding failure at every turn, you know you need to do something. Anything
It's an endless fall
It's an endless fall

But what exactly? You were so sure about success that you don't know where did you go wrong? A person can work on things which he/she knows is wrong. But, there is absolutely nothing (and no one) to help you get back to your feet by telling you where did you go wrong. 

And that's where the beauty lies. 

You have fallen. Admit it. You are now in a delicate state were even the smallest of mistakes can go horribly wrong against you. While happiness seems to allude you for now, you can make peace with sadness, can't you? Let's sadness just be. No matter how much you try, you can't poke it away. 

Come to think about it...Life will perform surgeries on you..and yes! Without anesthesia.

I know you will fight off failure. I know you will rise up eventually
I want you to know that, despite the abyss of darkness
where you find yourself right now, you have one thing and one thing only
that will make you rise up back again.
and cut you away from that abyss of darkness

paintings courtesy - Peter Bardazzi and Patsy McArthur.


  1. "Come to think about it...Life will perform surgeries on you..and yes! Without anesthesia."

    Loved this part, and the entire package. Awesomely written. I guess being a part of it, gives you more strength to deal with the situation.

    Each one of us have to deal with failure. Each one of us have to get up and run again.

    Keep it up!

  2. Every one falls once/many times in falling for someone is better than falling bcoz of someone.
    and getting up gives a strength!
    cheers auri.:)

  3. One alone can't do anything, yes you can do a lot with the help from the Divine. Thoughtful post.


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