Ever Tried to Turn Back Time?

You can't freeze time. No matter what. 

You know you have to let go off that one person whom you have loved like crazy, and there is nothing so good about that. There are times in all our lives when we often question the reality around us. We see friends turning away, taking their careers a bit too seriously. And we stand in the corner, thinking what we did wrong to witness this particular day?

A life without friends, without loved ones is no life at all.

Often, it has happened that friends who were destined to be with you forever, desert you because of no apparent reason. They just vanish! You keep calling them up from time to time, the phone just keeps on ringing. No one picks up on the other end and thoughts begin creeping in your mind - Could this be the end?

You are angry. You are upset and people around you just make it tougher for you. Where did you go wrong? Were you wrong in not keeping touch with them or was it when you forgot to wish them on their birthday? Was it when they refused to show up and you went ahead with the get-together? Were you wrong when you thought them to be your friend forever? How stupid of you to think like that.

I got a call last night from a person who was a good friend of mine. I sort of knew him since the past couple of years. That day he was looking for people to call up after a hard day at work and he called me. I had had a long day at office and was dead tired but seeing the number all of a sudden, I took a heavy sigh and picked up the call, all cheered up:


"Hey bro!"

"Whatcha doing?"

"Nothing yaar. Had a tough day at work. Just reached. Tell me."

"I know I shouldn't be asking this but have you ever lost a friend?"

I knew something was wrong. This guy was always cheerful and the question jolted me. I sat up thinking about the long conversation I was about to have with this person. I asked him what was the matter, he said that he was asking it just because he wanted to get his mind of his work.

I really didn't have an answer to that. After all, why would he lose a friend? Why would anybody, for that matter, lose his/her friend? But I was so wrong in one simple way. I didn't know that after some days, I was about to ask the same question too! The cycle of karma!

My grandma is my source of inspiration. I visit her, or at least try to, visit her every weekend. She isn't keeping well off late but nevertheless enjoys my company during the commercial breaks between her soap operas. I asked her the same question after I was deserted by a friend.

She looked at me and in a matter-of-factly manner told me -

"Aurgho, you didn't do anything wrong now, did you? Did you hurt your friend?"

I didn't have any knowledge about hurting that person. I said, "No".

She kept on staring at me, trying to decode the hidden stuffs that I wasn't telling her. She knew I was telling the truth.

"Look. If you haven't hurt your friend, then you don't have regrets. When you die with no regrets, you die happily. A person who dies happily has had a happy life. Don't worry, that person was never meant to be your friend in the very first place."

I had a smile on my face. I was happy.

I am now not bothered when I find friends taking their jobs a bit too seriously. They may not have even a single day off from the 365 days of the year for me, but I am happy by not blaming myself. 

Previously, I was sad thinking about the void that they had created in my life. Now, I am happy knowing that I haven't done anything wrong for them to create that void in me.



  1. I am happy after i read this blog.

    I lost friends in life. When i recount back i try and figure where i went wrong but i never find answers.

    Now i know. :)

    Beautiful post. :)

  2. Re-formating happiness.

    Beautiful piece!

  3. beautiful one..and the fact that we only die happy if we haved lived happy,is so true..lovely read dada

  4. This is nice..some hw brought tears in my eyes.
    actually i badly needed a post like this to read today...had a fight with my one of old friend...and god damn this was like soothing sort.thanks for share.

  5. nice one dude, bit of encouragement to move on with life

  6. Nice post, again. I loved it. :)

  7. I have faced the same situation. But what about if after long absence that person calls u, invite u to visit, invite you somewhere and actually u would wanna go, but u have forgotten that person already and over came the hurt and have moved on happily. What if this or these people were very close to you before or even family members, but you don't feel close to them or that person anymore and cannot pretend just to be happy best friends like nothing ever happened. Unfortunately, even if I have accepted that they choose to not have y company, and it was they lost, it's difficult to just ignore. so should I just open the door again when they later in regret or in need comes to knock my door or just keep going without them because I was there long time present and available, but like a air to them? I know my worth and I'm not someone who thinks "I'm not good enough" so on. I will always have new friends and like I always say ; "I don't care what other people think about me, I care what I think about other people". Complication comes when these people, I'm talking about here, was not just "good day" friends but very close at some point of life...


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