Are You Nervous? I Know I Am

I have been nervous for too many times. Nervousness always precedes failure. I really love it when I am nervous. For seldom I face situations when I am face-to-face with fear. I always somehow connect nervousness with fear. How can anybody feel fear? Does fear happen when a person is afraid of something?

Everyone has a fear. The trick is to withstand the fear and emerge victorious. When you have big meeting coming up, or you have been asked to represent your company in an event where you are required to address a crowd of hundreds, you naturally would fear for the worst. It's natural. And this is why I hate it.

Look around you. People are busy selling you happiness through some or the other means. "Buy this and you are happy. Buy that and your love will be happy." They never tend to sell you fear, do they? Not counting insurance advertisements of course.

The whole world's watching you
The whole world's watching you
What happens when you fear about something? Your heart suddenly seems to beat faster, you have this slight pain at the lower back. Everything suddenly turns brighter and you know you have to walk. But your legs seem to give in. "Why is this happening now?", you feel. But you really can't help it. Your hands go numb, begin shaking and the curtain is about to go up..

Exactly like life. 

Here is what I have deciphered about fear - it is not the end of things. Fear is 1% necessary, 99% otherwise. However, people give importance to things they really shouldn't be paying any attention to - fear being one of them. 

Society hails a fearless person. You know why? Fearless people aren't afraid of hurting some for the good of so many. They can let their routine go for a spin and yet find a way to square things out. They don't feel fear because for the simple reason that they believe in themselves.

I used to do martial arts way back in school and it stayed with me till the 2nd year of college. I had to ultimately drop the pursuit because I couldn't see others gaining higher belts (brown and black) and me being more experienced, staying at brown belt. Apparently, I didn't have the money (belt fees) to get up. That is a decision I regret to this day. I was good at it because it was one time when I was told to not restrict myself and play with fear. 

Control the Outcome

When I was a plain purple belt holder, I had a problem with martial arts fight matches. There was this guy who was beating me up in every practice session and I was simply afraid of him. Was getting kicked badly. In every session.

My instructor saw my problem. It was with the way I was giving up during the final few moments of the fight session. He called me and he said - "You have your feet. You can MOVE! You can make a turn around. Don't let him know that you are afraid of him. Just go with the flow and make sure to control the outcome. Trust me. You can do it. You are fighter."

I began winning since then. I haven't lost a bout, both on and off the ring. 

Fear is just like that opponent, waiting to down you. You have the sole power to either let it  grip you or beat fear to pulp instead. 

Author's note - I needed this post so much at this time. I have a monumental exam coming up. My whole life depends on it. Yes! It's THAT important! Wish me luck!


  1. Wow! Learnt a lot from your blog.

    I am too nervous about things, but yes there are surely ways to overcome it, rather not think about it.

    Thanks. Your blogs have a lot to teach. :)



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