So, What have YOU done in Life?

You keep thinking about it. It hits you when you are down, it hits you when you need hope that there is actually someone or something that will stop by and take pity at your miserable condition. But sadly, there isn't anyone now, is there?

Even your heart doesn't follow your whims and fancies...just like your dreams.

Sitting by the riverside, amidst people who had come to catch the evening breeze at sunset, I noticed how that ice-cream seller kept pacing up and down the broken pathway, trying to sell a bar or two. Who stops for that man? Who asks him about his plight, about his family? No one. 

We are surrounded by people who are lonely somewhere down the line and we can't even strike up a conversation. And we call ourselves civilized. 

What good have you done today?

When you are thinking about the things that you rather must be doing, you know the life that you are living right now is NOT the one you should be in right now. 

We have often wanted to be that "cool" person since our childhood, doing what we wanted to do in life, but really, does that actually happen? 

I am sure some of us wanted to be that wild-life photographer everyone would talk about, some even wanted to be a writer or a repoter. But where are we today? What really made us NOT achieve those things that we originally set out for in life?

When you have your hopes on something different, eyes on something else and you are going somewhere else, then you are bound to trip at some point of time.

My question is - why are you doing this to yourself? Ask yourself this question - 

Do you really want to die a sad man/woman?

So, admit it, you made it messed it up. You forgot what you really wanted to be in life. I, for one, wanted to be on Mirage-2000 fighter pilot. But sadly, circumstances didn't favor me back then. But I am still on it. 

Trust me, it's never too late to do things that you have always wanted. 

Just set out.

No one is going to help you in your journey towards inner fullfillment for that matter. Why be in that 4X4 up to 12 hours a day when you can be in a 4X4 and criss-cross mountains?

Create a plan and stick to it as I am sure that no one deserve what they have in hand right now. Everyone is capable of something much more. All one has to do is listen to his/her heart and promise not let the self down. 

Anything is possible.


  1. Absolutely. Anything is possible. We always forget what we truly are and what we really deserve.

    I am sure there would come a day when we realize. Coz it's never too late right?

    Time...that's what we need.

    Loved it. A beautiful blog yet another time.:)

  2. This is great. i want to be an english teacher. i have since i was 4 year old. I am going to do what ever i can to achieve it. Even if that means going to community college then switching over if i can't afford a 4 year school.

  3. Very well written and very well-structured post, Aurindam..

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  4. no. i definitely don't want to die a sad woman. not at all

  5. I always wanted to be a rock singer but unfortunately, it didnt come out more than my college...Lol

  6. Aurgho after reading this post i can only say one thing you are a good and sensible human being who cares for life!! keep it up dear :)


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