Rain and Friendship

I looked up in the night sky and it was drizzling. Watching millions of diamonds accentuating the street lights gave me something to think about that night. What do you think of when it rains? Do you think about the time when you had your friends fighting over that cup of coffee? Do you think about the time you had your first walk with your friends while heading back home from tuition?

Do think you think of them just like you would try to weave a story behind each drop?

The times spent with your friends are some of the most beautiful in your life. With every single heartbeat, you would want that time to come back and freeze for ever. But unfortunately, that doesn't happen.

man walking alone in rainYou see those droplets till they fall. Once they kiss the Earth, they are gone, forever. 

I have seen friends, witnessed friendships that I am ever so grateful. But I am not grateful on the way they went away. For a moment, I could see myself running madly on the streets, trying to catch every drop as it fell.

Relationships have become all the more vulnerable these days. You just don't know when a person will be offended and go away from your life. You stand there all dazed, thinking about what you just heard from your friend and you can't even explain yourself. 

Misunderstandings happen. It's how you both decide to join the pieces and build your castle more stronger the next time. However, drizzles don't just last forever, they simply stop. 

True friendships can happen out of no where. It's the false ones that completely put us off. We begin doubting every other relationship that happen after that broken friendship. We simply close off.

The art is not trying to run foolishly behind every other drop and hoping to catch it. The art is to remember each face when a drop kisses you. You remember all the good times and you remember all the smiling faces. 

There is no point in remembering the way your countless friendships just ended. However, there is a point to smile every-time that person comes in your thought, rather than being sad that they are just not there anymore.

Personally, I thank every one who has given me their precious time by calling me a friend. We parted due to some reasons, reasons which won't matter when we die. What I thank you for is the feeling that you gave me - the petrichor all around after that little drizzle. 

Thank you. :)

image courtesy - rationesola.blogspot.com


  1. Just as beautiful as a flower in the springtime. ......and of course the rains......

    Friends! Rain Drops! Yes together they blend into memories.....that we fight....:)

    Loved it.

  2. described nicely and very truly...
    rock on

  3. Beautiful and so true. There are so many people who come in and out of our lives. I truly believe, it is better to have loved and lost to have never loved at all.

  4. What a cute blog.. Yes friendship is the one thing we cherish forever.. Some frens come some frens go but we knw thy all r special in their own way.. N best gift they ever give is thr frenship.. :)

  5. Nice work Auri!

    Foolishly chasing every drop.... beautiful.

  6. Really... "I thank every one who has given me their precious time by calling me a friend." Nice work :)

  7. Bunk all. enjoy. life asks us to surge ahead forward, no looking back... whatever little we have today, it forms our responsibility to build upon it and remain happy and content ;) I have had superb ups and downs :D But still am happy.

  8. This is really nice Auri!!! Anyone should be glad to have you as a friend!

  9. Hi Aurindam,Loved reading this one:)Hope we can be friends...


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