Is Your Mind Clouded with Doubts?

Before any step that you are trying to take, before any decision that you are about to make, you have this one little thing called - Doubt.

I personally believe having a doubt is a sheer waste of time. Doubting is preferred by many. There are people whom I meet almost daily who are often weighed down with so much doubt that a simple split-second decision takes them minutes. They believe having a doubt ensures a better decision. A decision without being given prior thought to may bounce back.

Fair enough.

But are we so unsure about our decision that we let doubt supersede us? Why are we always confusing between "giving a thought to" and "doubting"? Why has the fine line blurred?

You know where doubt does the worst of damages? No, not in just any other decision.

When doubts cloud your mindDoubt destroys relationships.

Relationships around us are crumbling like autumn leaves when they get crushed under our shoes. People, it seems, prefer doubting than the relationship itself.

When a person doubts the other, the other person undergoes tremendous stress. And this even fractures their relationship. People enter this vicious cycle and the relationship erodes away. But "doubt" doesn't leave a person after that relationship ends. It strengthens its vice like grip. The person begins doubting everyone of hatching this imaginary conspiracy against him/her. Those around him/her soon notice the "pushy" attitude and begin deserting that person.

My question is - Where is the happiness?

Doubt is just like fear - necessary, but only in small amounts. So, try and do justice to yourself.

I personally don't doubt anyone. Saves me the hassle. If they have to leave, sooner or later, they will.

So, you still doubt?


  1. One thing is for sure! I nver had any doubt about the way you can express yourself.

    Loved your blog. Be yourself. If people have to doubt you. let them. If people love you. They will no matter waht you are. How you are.

    I am glad that i have someone like you in my lif who makes me realize how well we can uncomplicate life but we dont.

    The best part of your blog - everything. :)

  2. Initially, i thought you were complicating
    thoughts but i guess now you weren't. Neat.

    Keep writing.

  3. This is soooo good Auri! Yes, there is NO point in is just a waste of time. I am learning to doubt less and less each day, especially when it comes to my business! Thanks for this! See you soo!

  4. rightly pointed out, between birth and death doubt destroys pristine livable moments when the start and the end is without doubt, well said!
    Shameek Mookherjee

  5. Liked this sentence -personally don't doubt anyone. Saves me the hassle. If they have to leave, sooner or later, they will.

    Let me quote Kabir here -Many Ppl in our lives are like leaves that shred from trees and blast of wind(destiny) carrys them elsewhere anyway and difficult to find them again emotionally though with them physically , hence why doubt and worry abt future enjoy the moment till it it lasts and no decision is difficult as answers lies deep within us always waiting to be raked up...

    good thought provoking post , i urge you to write somemore.


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