Being Urban

"They say what I've done; they don't know what I have been through."

I wake up that morning thinking about the dream I had last night, a broken dream. I look outside the window and I see the bright sunlight tearing down through the curtains; eyes still paining, wanting to sleep more. I look around, dazed and confused.

Was I supposed to wake up?

Books make up a corner just besides the computer. CDs strewn all over the floor along with the dress I wore last night. I sit on the edge of the bed, hands supporting the body on the bed-frame.

"No, I mustn't sleep now. That dream won't come back for sure."

I hear them on the other end of the hallway, talking about what they expected of me and what I had become - a failure.

Just an  ordinary day it is.

I search for my phone, and headphones as well. Few messages and a couple of missed calls greet me. I look at the messages first. The same ol' "life quotes" and "Rajini jokes".

Pfft. Bored.

I put on the headphones. PLAY. Rage Against the Machines begin pounding in my head. Just a feeble attempt at keeping the battery of thoughts away from crowding my mind. I see them arguing about something, pity I can't hear them. They see me and they stop. Someone says something to me. 

I head for the kitchen, make up a dark coffee. He comes and stands in front of me, she stand behind him. I pull down an ear bud to hear him speak. Speak?


I take the baseline, put my headphones back on and head back to my room barely holding tears. I am angry, I am upset and Rage Against the Machine hits the Bridge.

I fall back on the bed, eyes fixed on the window, I can barely see the traffic now. I wipe my tears off to witness the summer sky.

Track changes. A romantic number.

Memories take me back to a time when dreams were a reality. Whenever I fell, I had someone to grab me by my arms.

But dreams do break apart.

It's time to put the mask on. It's time to play the "game" again;
I know one thing will eat me from within
But I am still alive, I am still breathing.
I am down, but not out!
No! You can't put words in my mouth;
I am still alive, I am still fighting
I am an urban guy baby, I am the smiling devil.

Dedicated to a friend....

(The work will/may showcase soon in an exhibition. So, I need your feedback! )


  1. Excellent as always. Subtle elements everywhere in the blog. I am so proud of you. This blog has a lot to convey for urban people. A lot.

    Keep writing. Keep making us happy.:)

  2. Neat work.

    By the way, the video you posted here is one of my favorites on Vimeo.

  3. @Sneha... Thanks! :)

    @Shakti bhai ... I am full time Vimeo follower. This video floored me. I had to post it here. :)

  4. Nice ... the vimeo clip adds to the mood too.

  5. I think this is really good Auri! Just keep favorite line...."Track changes. A romantic number." I see so much symbolism in this piece. Really nice man. Being urban is cool. I am urban too!

  6. Hey Aurgho :) this post of yours depicts -strength despite failures- strength to move on, strength pick urself up after a fall :)
    Urban to me means – having immense strength, letting go of things, importantly accepting oneself be it in success or failure ; hence pass from my side- great work on this but sadly I can’t view the video from office sigh-cruel world –but will get back home and check it, sayonara till then.

  7. Hi Auri!
    All your postage are amazing, also posted their videos are wonderful, different from what I'm used to seeing here in BRAZIL, specially I loved this video, one of the most liked, but all are excellent. The look of your blog is also very beautiful, just missed the birds. I also enjoyed your photo.
    Have a good day!!!
    Greetings from BRAZIL.
    Bye, bye
    Bia :)

  8. A Very creative and entertaining project! Peace & Luv 2U!


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