Embrace Darjeeling : Embrace Your Self

You close your eyes and you discover that numbness in the air, you open your eyes and you see the stars on earth. At first, you don't believe your eyes. They said this was a wonderful sight, then even said it will blow you away. But even after knowing so much, you still fell for it. Yes! You are in Darjeeling. 

Never mind the route, never mind the fellow tourists, somethings just won't change. But what you really do is - re-plug||re-connect||re-live. You look at the valley on the opposite side, you see a cluster of buildings and carpet of green. You turn your eyes away for just one second and the next thing you know, the valley disappears in a sea of mist..no..they are clouds.

There is something magical about the hills - the locals. They are wonderful. Always smiling, always helpful. There is never a single moment where you will find yourself aloof, alone, depressed. The locals, from tea estate workers to tea stall owners, are always ready with some tale or the other.

For someone who has been to most hill stations from around the country and around the world, Darjeeling won't provide you something new. It will, however, give you ample time to talk to yourself. In these maddening times, we are always constantly running after something, running from someone, running towards someone.

Darjeeling brings your sadness to a standstill. It makes you wanna stand up and embrace nature, just as you would embrace your mother after any success. Clouds welcome you, embrace you and then leave you, all within a few moments. You know what is left behind of those clouds? Of those few moments?


You will have a smile right across your face when you will witness the clouds slowing embracing you and then leave you, promising to come back. You will have a smile when sun rays will suddenly burst through the clouds and fill your world with the light of life. 

The real fun isn't in having an Italian cuisine at some two star joint or in Cafe Coffee day in the Mall Road in Darjeeling. The real fun is in some far more different place. It is in a shady little hut with "Restaurant" written in broken English in a worn-out wood board. The real fun is asking for "Veg momo" from an old lady who speaks broken Hindi and then asking for the Darjeeling tea..ahhh! the smell..

Keep your cell activity to the minimum, go for a morning walk. The mountains just won't make you stop. You will keep walking towards her with the same eagerness as you used run to your mother after school each day, everyday. 

You will see her smile through the rays, you will see her laugh through the swaying leaves of the forest. You will see her welcoming you through her people, you will see her wishing you a good bye through the tall mountains.

You will find Darjeeling not much different that you would to any other hill station. All you need to do is look closer..

You will find your self not much different than what others talk and feel about you. All you need to do is look closer.

Welcome to yourself. Good Bye to Darjeeling. 


  1. The best part about reading this blog? In the past few minutes i traveled all the way to Darjeeling. Read it and came back to kolkata again. :).

    It's beautiful. It's.....It's ......It's.....Sorry no words. :)

  2. Beautifully written...i just want to pack my bags NOW n go to Darjeeling....

  3. "It makes you wanna stand up and embrace nature, just as you would embrace your mother after any success"--- loved this...loved every way u described the beauty of Darjeeling..

  4. Oh gosh, you make me want to pack my bag and set off to Darjeeling, right away.....brilliant post...I could almost imagine the place....

  5. I loved all your posts but this one is awesome :)) loved the way you expressed yourself specially the nature and the human connection with the old lady serving you momo :)) This is the unique feature of hill people :)) This is our Darjeeling :))


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